Swing top bottles have been around for generations and often bring back fond memories of homemade lemonade and ginger beer, drunk on summer days in the garden or on family picnics at the beach or in the countryside. These swing top glass bottles are still going strong, with Kilner offering an extensive range of swing top bottles to suit all sorts of drinks and other tasty treats.

 Kilner bottles in all shapes and sizes

 In addition to clip top jars, Kilner produces a good range of swing top bottles in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. From the tiny 70ml bottle suitable for small gifts or wedding favours to the giant one-litre bottles that could hold a fizzy wine or carbonated drink, such as elderflower champagne, there really is a bottle to suit every application.

 Kilner has also introduced a range of coloured swing top glass bottles. In addition to clear glass, certain sizes of these Kilner bottles are available in pastel blue, pink or green. These vintage colours are available in the 250ml bottles and the one-litre bottles.

 Drinks ideas for Kilner bottles

 There are all sorts of homemade drinks that would work well in a swing top bottle. Elderflower cordial and elderflower champagne are obvious choices, but you could also try making your own ginger beer, dandelion and burdock, or cream soda. Don’t forget everyone’s favourite – homemade lemonade.   We always recommend our deluxe range of swing top bottles as being suitable for carbonated drinks.   They are made from heavyweight glass and have a stronger mechanism.

 In addition to making drinks to go in these lovely bottles, there are all sorts of delicious vinegars and infused oils that would also work brilliantly. Homemade raspberry vinegar is a delight drizzled over salad leaves and is also sublime used as a dressing for desserts; for example, try pouring it over creamy vanilla ice cream or even on a sweet suet pudding.

 Whilst raspberry vinegar is perhaps the most famous fruit vinegar, you can make vinegars using other fruits. Blackberries work well, as do blackcurrants and redcurrants. Try blackberry vinegar drizzled over melted goat’s cheese on toast for a simple supper to really tickles those taste buds. Just as with vinegars, infused oils work well in swing top bottles and look very sophisticated on the dining table. Try chilli-infused oil or rosemary oil for something quite unique and flavoursome.

 Whether you fancy a go at homemade carbonated drinks or something a little more unusual, such as a fruit vinegar, Kilner’s swing top bottles are the perfect storage solution and will make your homemade creations look highly professional.


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