Being creative with plastic bottles

Being creative with plastic bottles 

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We are all aware of how much plastic there is in the world and how, when it isn’t recycled or is disposed of carelessly, it can end up in our rivers and seas, causing all sorts of damage to marine life and birds. Plastic is a vital part of our lives and it is here to stay; however, with some thought and consideration, it can be a good thing and we can use it to help us lead more environmentally-conscious lives. In today’s blog post, we take a look at some ways in which the humble plastic bottle can be put to good use to help us reduce our eco footprint and live a little more sustainably.

Reusable plastic bottles to help save the planet

The number of single-use plastic bottles that are bought and thrown away each day in the UK is truly staggering. When we are out and about or leading a busy life, it is just so easy to grab a bottle of mineral water or a soft drink from the supermarket shelves without giving it a moment’s thought. We then dutifully pop it in the bin in the street, without considering that it is headed straight to landfill.

The simple solution to this issue is to buy a reusable plastic drinks bottle and make your drink at home to take with you; in fact, most cafes will top up your reusable bottle with water free of charge if you ask. We offer a number of different drinks bottles in our range, including some that are stackable to save space in your fridge. This might seem like a small step; however, it would make a real difference if we all switched to reusable bottles instead of buying single-use bottles.

Ingenious uses for plastic bottles

Our range of bottles includes several designs that are great for helping to reduce your eco footprint and plastic waste; for example, our 250ml domed plastic PET bottle is perfect if you make your own liquid soap. Even if you don’t make your own, you could always buy a larger quantity from a natural products store and decant it into this bottle, which would cut down on the number of bottles you buy over time. Our 100ml plastic PET bottle with spray pump is another great bottle for those who want to make their own toiletries.

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