Creative ideas for Kilner jars

Creative ideas for Kilner jars

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There is something about Kilner jars that makes people love them. Whether it is the iconic shape or the nostalgic feelings these jars conjure up in us, we have taken the humble Kilner jar to our hearts. Whilst many of us use them to preserve food, make jams and chutneys and produce scrumptious homemade drinks, a Kilner jar offers others a vessel to use in creative crafts. In today’s post, we take a brief look at some creative ideas for using Kilner jars, from homemade gifts to fancy lunchbox alternatives.

Using Kilner jars for homemade gifts

A Kilner jar makes the perfect container for a homemade gift, such as bath salts or hand creams. The 125ml clip top jars would be perfect for homemade hand cream, whilst the 0.5-litre clip top jars or the standard 250ml Kilner jars would look fabulous filled with colourful bath salts or a body scrub, topped off with a stylish bath buffer or scrunchie.

Another great idea for a homemade gift would be to make your own bonbons or boiled sweets and fill a Kilner jar with them to give to friends or family. Decorated with a hand-drawn label and topped off with a pretty ribbon, this kind of gift would look every bit as stylish and desirable as a shop-bought jar of sweets. With Mother’s Day just a few short weeks away, these ideas could be just the thing for a creative and thoughtful gift.

Creative food storage with Kilner jars

One recent trend we have been watching closely is using Kilner jars to carry food, in much the same way as an old-school lunchbox or a Japanese bento box. Fresh, colourful salads work brilliantly in a Kilner jar, with the glass jar allowing you to see exactly what you have for lunch in all its zesty freshness. First, add a little salad dressing to the jar, then layer different ingredients for a vibrant and appetising effect. Adding crisp vegetables immediately after the salad dressing protects other softer items from going soggy; therefore, add peppers, carrots, celery, onion and tomatoes as the first layer before moving on to other ingredients such as sweetcorn, kidney beans, rice and feta cheese.

If you don’t fancy a salad in a jar, smoothies, juices and noodles also work well. Our 250ml Kilner jars are also the perfect size for making breakfast in a jar; for example, fill the jar with fresh fruit, oats and natural yogurt for a healthy breakfast on the go.


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