Creative gift ideas using glass bottles with corks

Creative gift ideas using glass bottles with corksgladstone with sloe gin

The year is creeping on and whilst we don’t want to mention the Christmas word too soon, it really is time to start thinking about gift-giving – especially if you plan to give homemade gifts. This type of gift needs time to plan and create, so why not start right now?

Using glass bottles with corks

The brilliant thing about creating infused spirits such as sloe gin, rhubarb gin or plum vodka is that they take very little time to make; in fact, they must be one of the easiest home preserving things you can create. Just add your chosen fruit and sugar to the tipple of your choice and pop it into a dark cupboard for a couple of months, shaking occasionally. You need to follow a recipe, of course, to ensure that your end product is not too syrupy, but there really isn’t much more to it.

It can be a good idea to use a larger bottle for the infusing and then decant the finished spirit into smaller bottles for gift giving. Our 700ml Howarth glass bottle will make your creation look every inch as if it has come from a boutique distillery; alternatively, if you would like to give smaller bottles, the Howarth is also available in a 250ml size.

Crafty gifts in glass bottles with corks

It is not just drinks-based gifts that you can create using small bottles with cork stoppers. There are endless craft ideas that you can try out using our range of corked bottles; for example, our chunky Gladstone bottles would look fabulous filled with homemade bath salts.

Needle felting is so easy to get the hang of, with tiny needle felted scenes looking superb when set carefully in a glass bottle. We have seen gorgeous examples with needle felted sheep grazing on a lush green hillside as soft, wispy clouds roll overhead. Use long tweezers to glue your needle felted items into position. When you are happy, seal the bottle with the cork and you are good to go with a personal gift that shows you have really taken time over it.

Another great idea for small bottles with cork stoppers is to make a tiny snow globe. Check online for tutorials on how to do this and then let your imagination loose to decide what to add into your snow globe. The only problem with this idea is that you might find the finished item is just too cute to give away!

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