Creative bathroom ideas for blue Kilner jars

Creative bathroom ideas for blue Kilner jars blue kilner jar

When we think of Kilner jars, we tend to think of clear glass jars; in addition, we tend to assume that the most likely place to see them is in the kitchen or pantry, filled with delicious jams, pickles or preserves. It is true that the iconic clear glass Kilner jar is the most popular style of jar available; however, Kilner has expanded its range in recent years to include some shaped jars and coloured jars. In today’s post, we take a look at the blue Kilner jar and how it can be used in the bathroom for both practical and decorative purposes.

Blue Kilner jars for storage

If your bathroom shelves look a little cluttered and you are forever picking up cotton buds and the like that have fallen out of the pack, why not get organised and start storing all your bathroom essentials in some Kilner jars? The blue jars are perfect for working a slightly coastal look that is perfect for bathrooms, and a row of these jars will look very stylish indeed lined up on the bathroom windowsill or on a shelf. Take a good look through your bathroom shelves and cabinets to see what would work better stored in a jar, then simply order the number of jars you need.

Blue Kilner jars for decoration

These gorgeous Kilner jars are not just useful, as they can also be put to work as decorative elements in a stylish bathroom. Try filling a jar with beautiful sea shells, or perhaps driftwood, for a simple, low-budget design feature that will make you smile whenever you go into the bathroom. You could also use these jars to hold tealights and dot them around the bathroom for the ultimate romantic and relaxing bathtime experience.

If you are feeling particularly creative, why not make your own perfumed bath salts? There are lots of recipes for homemade bath salts available online and the ingredients are easy to source. Once you have made the salts and added your own personal fragrance, simply pour them into one of our blue Kilner jars and sit it by the bath ready for an indulgent soak. Homemade bath salts are so lovely; in fact, you may even decide to make some to give away as gifts to friends and family.

As you can see, the humble Kilner jar can be put to very good use outside the kitchen environment; in fact, once you start thinking about ideas such as those we have talked about today, you will start to think of all sorts of other creative ways to use them.

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