Creating a terrarium using a glass jar

Creating a terrarium using a glass jar 

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The word ‘terrarium’ conjures up images of giant glass globes sitting unloved in the corner of many a 1970s living room; however, terrariums have made something of a comeback and are proving quite a hit with people of all ages who want to bring a little greenery and gardening into their busy lives. Today’s terrariums do not have to be huge monstrosities cluttering up your space; instead, you can get creative with all sorts of jars and a wide range of plants to make your own unique micro-garden. Read on to learn how to build your own terrarium.

First, pick a large glass jar

It does not really matter what size or shape of glass jar you decide to use for your terrarium, so long as it has an opening at the top that is big enough for you to put in the various components and plants and to position them carefully. If you have the space, a big one-gallon pickle jar would look amazing used as a terrarium; alternatively, if you only have a small windowsill or shelf, you could easily use a smaller jar.

Next, fill that large glass jar

The first thing to put in your new terrarium is something to act as a drainage layer. This could be aquarium gravel from your local pet store, or you could find tiny grit and pebbles in the garden. Next, pour a layer of sand onto the gravel and add a good-quality compost. Take time building up these layers neatly, as you will be able to see them in the finished terrarium. The gravel, sand and compost layers should take up no more than one-third of the jar’s height.

Make a small hole in the compost for your first plant. Carefully lift the plant from its pot and lower it into position, gently firming up the soil around the stem. Less is very definitely more when it comes to terrariums, so don’t be tempted to put too many plants in. It can be fun to create a small scene; for example, you could use tiny toy people or animals or make a miniature park bench.

Once you have added everything, give the terrarium a light mist with a water spray and place in indirect light. A windowsill in full sunshine may well be too much, so think carefully where to put it. Mist gently every day and prune your plants occasionally, if required.

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