Create a desk organiser with glass jars

Create a desk organiser with glass jars 

drawing pencils in glass jar on pastel background

If you like all things homemade when it comes to cooking and preserves, there is a good chance that you also enjoy crafts and making things for the home. Once you have the bug for making things, whether baking cakes or creating your own homemade cosmetics, you start seeing the world in terms of ‘I wonder if I could make one of those?’ Making your own has so many benefits – it’s fun and satisfying, it costs less than buying something new, and it’s good for the planet. In today’s post, we show you how to put some old jars to good use by making a stylish desk organiser.

Using glass jars to get organised

It is so easy to find our desk or workspace getting untidy, with pens and pencils everywhere and all sorts of other bits and bobs lying cluttered around; however, a few glass jars could make all the difference. You could simply use them as pen pots exactly as they are, or you could jazz them up using chalk paint. If you used blackboard paint instead, you could then write a cute word or phrase on each jar with a chalkboard marker pen to create a truly unique organiser. If you do not want to use chalkboard paint over the whole jar, you could always opt for a subtler look by using our chalkboard labels. These come in a pack of 12 labels, with different shaped labels and two chalk pens. Both approaches are so easy and will give you a really stylish way to store all that desk clutter.

Using a group of glass jars

One effective way to create this type of organiser is to use a group of jars of different sizes. Try a 1lb jam jar for pens and pencils, a half-gallon jar for scissors and rulers, and a terrine jar for paper clips, drawing pins and other smaller items. As with flower arranging, placing a set of jars together to form an organiser creates a much stronger overall effect.

If desk space is limited, why not take the jar organiser off the desk altogether? Take a piece of wood about 24 inches long and four inches wide and fix equally-spaced large jubilee clips along the wood, leaving three inches clear at either end. Drill a hole at either end of the wood and fix to the wall. Place the neck of a jar in each jubilee clip and tighten the clip until it is holding the jar securely. Hey presto, you have a hanging jar organiser!

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