Creams for cosmetic jars

Creams for cosmetic jars 

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With the weather turning decidedly autumnal and temperatures dropping, it is inevitable that our skin starts to suffer. Chill winds outdoors combine with the drying effects of central heating at home to really put our skin through its paces at this time of year. Now, more than ever, it is time to take care of our skin with nourishing and hydrating skin care products. As with most things in life, homemade can be far, far better than something bought in a shop, with skincare products no exception. We have talked in previous posts about homemade moisturisers for women; today, we thought we would take a look at how to make a couple of skin care products for men.

Filling your own glass cosmetic jars

The basic principles for homemade cosmetics are, of course, the same for men’s products as for women’s, but the difference lies in the essential oils you choose to scent the products. Most oils that are suitable for women are too floral or delicate to appeal to men, so some experimentation is needed to find a combination that feels masculine without being overpowering. Essential oils that work well for men include sandalwood, bergamot, lemon balm, neroli, sage, eucalyptus, lemon, and juniper berry.

To make an aftershave lotion that will really appeal to men, start with a cup of witch hazel (available from your local pharmacy). Add a teaspoon of glycerin, along with eight drops of lemon oil and four drops of sandalwood oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle, ready to spray after shaving. If you prefer, you can pour into a regular cosmetic bottle and simply splash into your hands before applying to your face.

If you prefer a cream rather than a splash-on aftershave, this is also simple to make. Take 25ml of coconut oil, 50ml of shea butter and four drops of essential oils from our suggestions above. Mix well and spoon into cosmetic jars. This cream needs to be stored in the fridge between uses.

Our range of glass cosmetic jars

We have a fantastic range of cosmetic jars and bottles in our online store. From traditional amber cosmetic jars to fancy frosted luxury jars, there is a jar suitable for every lotion and potion. Whilst women generally prefer the Laurence luxury cosmetic jars, our range of amber jars might well appeal more to men, as they have a slightly more functional look that gives them a masculine edge. Take a look at the range today to see which takes your fancy.

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