Crafting with Mason Jars

Crafting with Mason Jars

There is no denying the fact that crafting, in all its forms, is hugely popular. A quick online search of sites such as Pinterest, Etsy and Craftster shows that the US is especially keen on crafting; however, when it comes to Mason jars UK crafters have plenty of great ideas up their sleeves. In today’s post, we look at some simple but effective ideas for using Mason jars to make quirky and original items for your home.

Making lights with Mason Jars 

A Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier in an old barn.

One of the easiest Mason jar craft projects we have come across is using them to make beautiful lights. Wind strings of pretty white LED lights into the jars and string the jars from trees in the garden; alternatively, children’s neon light sticks bent to fit inside a Mason jar will give a funky effect perfect for children’s parties after dark.

If you are feeling really creative, why not go all out and convert a hanging light fitting into a Mason jar chandelier? First, find a light fitting with candle bulbs hanging vertically from a central frame. Glue the screw-threaded part of one lid to the frame, surrounding each light bulb, and spray paint the inside of each Mason jar before screwing it onto the lid over the light bulb. If the light fitting has plenty of bulbs, try a rainbow-coloured Mason jar chandelier; alternatively, if it only has two or three bulbs, try an elegant glitter or snow effect for a romantic feel.

Getting organised with Mason jars

Overhead shot of a clear mason jar full of vintage buttons spilling out onto a rustic wooden table. Natural light.

We have talked in the past about how great Mason jars are for household storage. You can simply fill them up and line them on a shelf or windowsill; alternatively, if you are feeling particularly creative, you can go one step further. Find a piece of interesting wood – driftwood or a piece of pallet wood, perhaps – and screw giant jubilee clips at regular intervals along the wood. Fix the wood horizontally to the wall, fix the Mason jar lids into the jubilee clips, and tighten until they are held firmly. Screw on the jars and fill them with the items of your choice.

When it comes to sourcing Mason jars UK crafters are in luck. Here at Wares, we stock the full range of jar sizes, from the dinkiest of jars right up to one-litre whoppers. Whatever your crafting ideas, we have Mason jars to suit!

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