Cosmetic Jars and their many uses

Cosmetic jars and their many uses

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to make more homemade items, have you considered replacing shop-bought cosmetics with homemade alternatives? In addition to potentially saving lots of money, you can create unique products tailored to your exact requirements, cutting your carbon footprint in the process by reducing the number of manufactured products you buy. Read on for some smart ideas on homemade cosmetics and the jars we stock that are perfect to put them in.

 Small cosmetic jars

 With winter weather coming at us from all angles, now is the time to protect our skin, lips and hands with balms and creams. Peppermint lip balm is easy to make, using beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and peppermint oil. Simply melt all the ingredients, then add the essential oil and pour immediately into our 5ml lip salve jar. Hey presto, you have made your own soothing lip balm in no time at all.

 It is a little more complicated to make your own foundation or blusher, as you will need to experiment to get the exact shade you require. With a little patience, however, you can come up with a homemade product that is every bit as good as a store-bought item and has far less chemical additives. Our 50ml Laurence frosted cosmetic jar would work perfectly here, as would any similarly-sized clear cosmetic jar.

 Large cosmetic jars

 When it comes to bath salts and body scrubs, larger jars are more suitable. Homemade bath salts can be very pretty and our 500ml clear cosmetic jar allows your creative endeavours to be admired. Mix coarse sea salt, Epsom salt and baking soda to form the bulk of the bath salts, then add essential oils to make your chosen fragrance and a drop of food colouring to make it look pretty. Check online for specific quantities and suggested ‘recipes’, or experiment to find the perfect blend.

 There are also plenty of ideas available online for homemade ointments. With ointments and creams to treat everything from eczema and dry skin to burns and stings, a little online research and some common sense will help you to create your own soothing balms and potions for quite a few minor medical treatments. Our amber glass jars might be more appropriate for homemade ointments and balms, as they instantly indicate that the contents are more medicine than makeup

Jar of white body care cosmetic cream, herbal oil extract bottle, fresh calendula flowers.

Discover our range of cosmetic jars!

If we have given you food for thought where homemade cosmetics and ointments are concerned, check out our range of jars today and give it a go.


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