Cosmetic jar recipes

Cosmetic jar recipes 

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It is fair to say that awareness of the ingredients and additives in the food we buy has increased in recent years. Many of us try to cut down on the amount of processed food that finds its way into our shopping baskets, and we pay a lot more attention to the small print on the back of food packaging so that we are aware of all the additives, sweeteners and ‘flavour enhancers’ present in what we eat. This is a great thing to be doing, but sadly far fewer of us give the same level of attention to the cosmetics we use, although the list of ingredients in these can be just as concerning.

If contents such as dimethicone, magnesium nitrate, disodium EDTA and methylisothiazolinone sound a little too ‘chemical’ and alarming, perhaps it is time to turn to more natural ingredients and make your own cosmetics and bathroom products. In today’s article, we look at a couple of recipes for homemade cosmetics and showcase a few items from our range of cosmetic jars.

Recipes for cosmetic jars

Our eyes, and our eyesight, are so precious to us, yet we routinely apply commercial makeup to them with very little thought as to what is in this makeup. Why not have a go at making your own eye makeup instead, starting with a simple homemade eyeliner? Mix shea butter and coconut oil in equal parts and add half a teaspoon of activated charcoal for a rich, dark eyeliner with no artificial or chemical additives. A 15ml jar would be ideal for this project.

Another simple item to make at home is a coconut hair cream. If you have dull, dry hair, you can give it an amazing shine and all-round deep nourishing with this cream. Mix two parts coconut oil with one part olive oil, then add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Blend the mixture in an electric blender until it resembles whipped cream, decant into a jar and use regularly. After just a few applications, you will really start to see a difference!

Our range of cosmetic jars

We sell a wide range of cosmetic jars in both clear and amber glass. Our clear cosmetic jars are suitable for products where you need to see the colour of the contents; for example, makeup items such as blusher or eyeliner. The amber jars are more suitable for treatments such as foot scrubs, hand creams and lip salves. From tiny 15ml clear cosmetic jars up to large 500ml jars in both clear and amber glass, we have the perfect jar for every cosmetic preparation.

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