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With temperatures plummeting, it is time to dig out our winter woollies, light a log fire and tuck into some hearty dinners to keep our spirits up. There is nothing more hearty than a warming casserole and today we showcase our range of traditional and not-so-traditional casserole dishes. If you have never cooked in a casserole dish, read on to find out just how versatile they are. Your new casserole dish will be a firm kitchenware favourite in no time and you will be using it to serve up delicious stews and other dishes to tempt the entire family.

 Cast iron cookware

 We stock a range of heavy-duty cast iron casserole dishes in various sizes, from 2.5 litres up to 5 litres. These dishes are solidly built and specially designed for even heat distribution to give fast and efficient cooking. You can use a cast iron casserole dish in the oven, under the grill, on the hob and even on solid fuel cooker tops, such as AGAs and Rayburns. With their simple but stylish finish, these gorgeous red dishes can be taken straight from the oven to the table to serve the delicious casserole or stew you have created.

 The Harvest range of kitchenwares

 If you are looking for a casserole dish that is microwave safe in addition to oven safe, the Harvest kitchenware range is for you. Made of tough stoneware, these dishes are also dishwasher and freezer safe; however, once you have the casserole bug, it is unlikely that you will want to put this dish in the freezer for long!

 The Harvest range of oven to table kitchenware comes in a rich brown glaze for a warm, traditional look. Inside, the dishes are a gentle stone colour, which contrasts with the outer colour perfectly and gives an authentic rustic appeal.

 Terracotta kitchenwares

 If Mediterranean or North African cooking appeals to you, why not take a look at our range of terracotta casserole dishes? Try a rich Mediterranean bean stew or perhaps osso buco, a succulent dish of veal shanks slow-cooked with vegetables, white wine and broth. Moroccan lamb stew is another great idea to try. In this dish, lamb neck fillets are cooked with sweet potato and tomatoes and seasoned with chillies, cumin, coriander and fennel. Served with couscous, this casserole is a great way to inject a little culinary adventure into mealtimes.

 If this round-up of casserole dishes has inspired you to have a go at creating your own casserole sensations, browse our range of dishes, choose your perfect casserole dish, and cook up something amazing for a tasty winter supper.


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