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The most modern lifestyle trend at the moment is good, old-fashioned nostalgia. From the clothes we wear to the way we decorate our homes and the foods we cook, the hot and fashionable have been turning to the past for inspiration. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in the kitchen. Home-made is hot and your kitchen styling and cooking utensils have to match.

Kitchen Equipment

You only need to look at the Metro range by Kitchen Craft to see that traditional accessories and cooking utensils are leading the way in both form and function. You may not be able to afford to revamp your whole kitchen but you can style it up with some funky cookware. Decant your grocery staples into Kilner or Parfait jars and add chic labels, mix up your cakes in a Mason Cash Jubilee mixing bowl like your Grandmother used to have and make your tea with a farmhouse kettle to get the retro look. Cast iron and enamel oven-to-tableware both look the part and perform the job.


Raves have given way to tea parties, giving you a great excuse to indulge in some real leaf tea, strainers, sugar lumps served with tongs and milk from a jug – not forgetting that teapot essential, the tea cosy. You can serve finger sandwiches and traditional tea party delicacies such as scones, Battenbergs and Victoria sponge cake from cake stands, all arranged on pretty doilies and served in flowered porcelain.

Cooking Utensils

The beauty of this trend is not only that it looks good, it also works. Pasta makers, pestle & mortars and cheese wires have been around so long simply because they are so effective. Electric juicers, tin openers and other modern equipment may be very desirable in principle, but the rubber spatula, wooden honey dipper and ceramic pie funnels of old are masterpieces of design. It’s very difficult to follow baking and other cooking trends without the correct cooking utensils, so invest in a few traditional accessories to make life easier.

Live Up to Those Cooking Utensils!

Did you ever see your Grandmother working in the kitchen without an apron? To achieve modern domestic goddessness you have to both look the part and act it. To really embrace the trend is to live it as well as decorate with it. Consider not only baking your own cakes and biscuits but also making jam, bread and pasta. Pickle your own, home-grown onions, cabbages and beetroot and grow some kitchen herbs on your windowsill to really give Nigella a run for her money. As a desirable and rewarding lifestyle choice, you could find this trend is here to stay.

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