A cocktail for a drinking jar

A cocktail for a drinking jar 

raspberry lemonade in mason jar with ice and mint

With summer just around the corner, our thoughts are already turning to barbecues, garden parties, and long, warm evenings spent lazing outside on the patio. What could make such an evening more pleasant than a delicious and indulgent cocktail, served in style in fun glass drinking jars? Let’s take a look at the wide range of glass drinking jars we stock and have some fun with an idea or two for gorgeous cocktails to serve in them.

Serving cocktails in drinking jars

Glass drinking jars have been super-fashionable for some time now, ever since those hipster bars in London’s achingly cool Hoxton started using them to serve their crazy new cocktails. More and more people have decided that they want a slice of this trend, with these jars well and truly moving over to the mainstream and making an appearance at all sorts of parties and events up and down the country.

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to serving cocktails in glass drinking jars. Most of our jars hold 400-450ml, which makes for a generous cocktail and leaves plenty of space for ice and a slice. Many jars have handles, a lid and a straw, all of which help party-goers to avoid spills and mishaps when outside in the garden.

What to put in these drinking jars

Glass jars show off the contents of your cocktail brilliantly; therefore, any cocktail recipe that has colourful ingredients and plenty of fruit will look fabulous. Adding in-season fruit to vodka and topping up with lemonade is one of the simplest but most effective cocktails. Try blueberries, raspberries or plums for this cocktail, experimenting until you find your favourite flavour.

Fans of a good gin will love the idea of mixing gin with grapefruit juice for a refreshing take on a gin fizz. Add a sprig of fresh mint and some ice and you will have party guests queueing for a refill.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without Pimm’s, of course, and a Pimm’s-based cocktail will always go down well. For a refreshing twist, add Pimm’s, gin, lemonade and cranberry juice to a pitcher, then add slices of lemon, fresh mint leaves, and redcurrants or fresh cranberries. Once you have tried Pimm’s this way, you will wonder why you have been drinking it with just lemonade for so long.

Whatever your favourite tipple and fruity flavours, there is a summer cocktail to suit you perfectly. Served in a cool glass drinking jar and sipped through a colourful straw, a cocktail will make any party go with a swing.

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