Christmas scenes in jam jars

Christmas scenes in jam jars 

Christmas tree in jar. Christmas concept illustration for web, cover, postcard.

December is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing – it is time to start thinking about decorating the house ready for the festive celebrations. We all have our favourite, much-loved decorations that have been in the family for years, of course, and these always have pride of place in every home; however, it can still be fun to spend a day on Christmas crafts to create some new decorations that show off your talents and add a homemade touch to Christmas. Today, we are tackling Christmas ornaments that use glass jars, so get your craft kits ready!

Jam jars for creative crafts

If you read our blog regularly, you will know that we are big fans of using glass jars for creative craft projects. They are just so handy and versatile, and the sheer range of sizes available makes them perfect for craft ideas. From the tiniest jars that hold just a single tealight to gallon jars that you can really go to town with, jars really are your crafty friend at Christmas. Check out our range today to see what type of jar takes your fancy for your Christmas decoration project.

Jam jars make great ornaments

You don’t have to be an accomplished artist or designer to make effective and stylish decorations with glass jars; for example, here is a simple idea that anyone can make. First, choose a jar and make sure that it is spotlessly clean, inside and out. Take a piece of white paper and cut it to the size of the jar – wrap it around the jar to get the width, and make the height the same as from the base of the jar to start of the neck. Using a sharp craft knife, carefully cut out a scene along the bottom edge using basic paper-cutting techniques. Fir trees are easy to start with, or why not add a house, or an animal such as a donkey, if you are more accomplished? When you have cut out the scene, carefully paste the paper onto the inside of the jar using spray mount, pressing all the cut edges into place to make sure they stick down, and add a little snow powder or glitter whilst the spray mount is still tacky. Add a tealight candle and you have your very own magical Christmas decoration.

If paper-cutting sounds too complex, simply take a walk outside and find some festive greenery, such as holly, fir cones or pine branches. Carefully place them in a jar, surrounding a candle. This is so easy, but so effective!

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