A Christmas punch recipe for drinking mugs

A Christmas punch recipe for drinking mugs

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If you have rashly invited all your friends and neighbours around for Christmas drinks this year and you are now wondering what on earth you are going to serve them, fear not. We have the perfect solution – a deliciously warming fruit punch that gets the party moving and leaves everyone full of festive cheer. If you are also wondering what you are going to serve your Christmas drinks in, we have this covered too. Read on to find out how to make a sensational Christmas punch and how to serve it in the most charming of ways.

Drinking mugs are the answer

Let’s start by tackling the question of how to serve your festive drinks at your party. Instead of a ramshackle collection of wine glasses and other drinking glasses, why not invest in glass drinking jars this year? These are essentially jam jars with lids and handles that are designed to be used for drinks. Handles make warm drinks easier to hold, and the lids – with straws – mean that you don’t have to worry about fruit punch making its way onto your lovely carpets and sofa. You could use simple jam jars instead, of course, but we think the advantages of lids and handles make special drinking jars well worth the investment.

There are all sorts of Christmas punch recipes available; however, for us, this kind of punch has to have a rich, deep red colour and a spicy kick. Add a bottle of full-bodied red wine, 500ml of cranberry juice, 100ml of brandy, 150ml of elderflower liqueur, 150g of blackberries, 150g of sliced black grapes and three sliced plums to a large bowl or jug. Add two teaspoons of allspice and a stick of cinnamon. Put in the fridge for at least two hours to allow the flavours to blend. Just before you are ready to serve the punch, heat it gently in a pan for a few minutes. The purpose of heating is simply to warm the drink – not to boil off the alcohol or make the punch too hot to drink!

Our range of drinking mugs

Over in our online store, we have a comprehensive range of drinking jars and mugs to choose from. Some are available just as they are, and some have lids and straws to suit your personal requirements. We love the basic Mason jar types; however, we are also charmed by the more decorative jars, such as the pretty coloured Kilner jars and the ones with the bunting design. There is even a jar shaped like a little owl – how cute is that?

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