Christmas pudding recipe

Christmas recipe for a pudding basin 

Christmas Pudding decorated with holly leaves on red background

Do you have fond memories of Christmases past, with a big family gathering on Christmas Day and a huge turkey with all the trimmings, followed by a rich and delicious Christmas pudding? Sadly, many people now choose to buy a Christmas pudding from the supermarket to save time and effort. If you fancy a change from this approach this Christmas, you are in luck. Today we are sharing a fabulous recipe for an amazing Christmas pudding that might just convert you to homemade puddings every year.

Our range of pudding basins

Before we plunge into our recipe, we need to mention pudding bowls and basins. We have a vast range of basins in stock, including brands such as Falcon and Mason Cash. We also stock plastic pudding basins, which are suitable for use in both microwaves and pressure cookers. These are the perfect solution if you want to make your puddings in advance, ready to heat up on Christmas Day.

Pudding basins at the ready

Now we have talked about the basins to use, it is time for the recipe!


2 large cooking apples
50g chopped almonds
200g mixed peel
1/2 nutmeg
900g mixed fruit (raisins, sultanas, currants) 50g breadcrumbs
3 eggs, beaten
200g plain flour
150g brown sugar
3 tbsp brandy
250g unsalted butter


Peel and core the apples, and chop into pieces. Chop the mixed peel and grate the nutmeg. Place the apple, mixed peel, nutmeg and mixed fruit in a large mixing bowl, and pour on the brandy.

In a separate bowl, cream the butter and sugar together until fluffy. Slowly add the beaten eggs, then sift in the flour and add the breadcrumbs. Add the contents of the other bowl and combine thoroughly.

Butter a three-pint pudding basin and cut a circle of baking parchment to fit in the bottom of the basin. Use a spoon to fill the basin with the pudding mix, pressing it down firmly. Cover the basin with a pleated piece of baking parchment, tying firmly with string around the edge.

Place the pudding basin in a steamer over a pan of water and steam for eight hours with a lid on the steamer. Remember to check the pan of water regularly and top up as needed.

After eight hours, remove the pudding basin from the pan and allow to cool. Remove the paper and replace with fresh. If you are using one of our plastic pudding basins, you could now seal with the plastic lid.

On Christmas Day, reheat by steaming for two hours.

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