Filling miniature whisky bottles for Christmas presents

Filling miniature whisky bottles for Christmas presents

Miniature Spirits/Liquour Bottle Mock-Up

It is just a few short weeks until Christmas, the shops are filled with Christmas stock and gift ideas, and the TV adverts have already started in earnest. If you have decided to take a step back this year from the commercialism that can often surround Christmas, you may be looking for some Christmas present ideas that you can make quickly and easily to give to friends and family this festive season. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some great ideas with you through our blog; today, we are kicking things off with some great ideas for drinks-based gifts in miniature bottles.

Miniature whisky bottles

It would be simple enough to pop to the local store and buy a bottle of whisky, or perhaps a batch of miniatures, but this approach has two downsides. Firstly, it can be expensive to buy from an off-licence or to buy alcohol-based gift packs from department stores; secondly, this type of gift does not show the recipient that you have spent time and care on their gift.

Instead, consider buying a modestly-priced whisky and decanting it into tiny bottles. You can then decorate the bottles to create a unique and creative gift that will be unique to you, the giver. Choose some festive ribbon from our collection, and some mini labels, and jazz up these little bottles to give them a really festive feel.

In addition to decorating the bottles, you could make some whisky-based infusions and decant these into miniature bottles. Try adding a jalapeno pepper, star anise, grated lime rind and honey to a pan and heating for five minutes before adding to the whisky and allowing to infuse over a period of several days. Decant this infusion into miniature bottles for a whisky creation that packs a punch! For a Christmas gift, you could also add mulling spices to a whisky base to create a uniquely seasonal flavour.

Miniature whisky bottles from Wares of Knutsford

Over in our online store, we have a wide range of miniature bottles for you to choose from, including bottles specifically for whisky and bottles in all sorts of other shapes and sizes. The 50ml miniature whisky bottles are a best seller at Wares and are available to buy in a range of pack sizes, from 12 right up to 300! If whisky is not your thing, we also have small bottles in a range of shapes, including some rather unusual ones. These include the Gladstone and Nocturne bottles with cork stoppers, miniature flask bottles, and even some swing stopper bottles.

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