Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

christmas craft ideas

You don’t have to be a genius with a needle and thread or massively creative to come up with achievable and effective handmade Christmas craft ideas. Make sure your gifts have the personal touch this year.

Christmas craft ideas that don’t require sewing skills

Scrabble letters picture

Spell out a message to a loved one using Scrabble letters, glued on to a pretty square of fabric or backing paper set into a decorative frame. Kid will really enjoy helping you with this simple project.

Pretty flip flops

Start with a cheap, plain pair of flip flops. Use a glue gun and a selection of fabric flowers or other embellishments to glam up the sandals and make them suitable for the funkiest beach holiday.

Earring display

Find an old picture frame – it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit scruffy – and paint in gloss black, silver or gold. Use tiny hooks and some fishing line and string two lines evenly spaced across the empty frame. The result is storage as art – put the frame on the wall and hang earrings from the lines.

Hand scrub

Take one and a half cups of sugar, a third of a cup of seas salt, one cup of olive oil, zest of one large lemon and quarter of a teaspoon of lemon extract. Mix well to combine then spoon into pretty jars, decorate then gift as home made hand scrub.

Foodie Christmas craft ideas

Home made biscuits, jams and other food items are always popular gifts but can be predictable. You could give a twist on the cookie idea by making a cookie baking jar – fill a large, sterilised jar with the ingredients needed for the recipient to make the cookies themselves. Arrange the ingredients in neat layers and create an attractive label with the cooking instructions.

Wares of Knutsford’s glass bottle range includes a funky triple bottle in one, which you can fill with whatever ingredients you think will appeal. You can go with traditional flavoured oils or syrups or use your imagination and fill the bottles with a selection of bath bubbles, body lotions or other cosmetics.

Handmade advent calendars

Personalised advent calendars are nothing new but are one of those handmade Christmas gift ideas that always bring smiles to faces. You can make or buy an advent calendar frame and fill it with little gifts that you know will be appreciated – favourite chocolates, new socks, cosmetics, tools, miniature toys. This is your chance to show your loved ones just how well you know them.

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