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Wonderful Wedding Jars

Wonderful wedding jars

Old-fashioned, romantic wedding themes are very much on trend, as are country cottage and rustic themes. Pretty English native flowers, pastel colours and simple accessories all combine to give the romantic wedding theme a timeless charm that is hard to beat. In today’s post, we look at how our glass jars are being used by wedding couples across the country to help create their own unique and oh-so-romantic wedding theme.

 Romantic ideas for wedding jars

 For a simple, vintage-inspired look, many couples are choosing to make their own table centrepieces. If you would like to do this for your own wedding, try grouping several jars of different sizes together, with the largest jar containing a posy of traditional English flowers and the smaller jars holding scented tea lights. You can decorate the jars by sticking ivory lace to the outside, painting a design on them, or using a frosting lacquer to create an etched design that will allow the candle light to flicker through.

 If your wedding reception is outside or there is at least some outside element, consider hanging jars containing tea lights or fairy lights from the low branches of nearby trees. Tie the jars on using a traditional jute thread or simple twine. A group of these will look enchanting, bobbing around in a gentle breeze and providing a flickering and ephemeral light.

 Using wedding jars as favours

 Jars do not just work well as wedding centrepieces or vases; in addition, they make wonderfully simple containers for wedding favours. Fill small jars with old-fashioned sweets, such as candy Love Hearts or those delightful white chocolate buttons coated in hundreds and thousands. Screw on the lid, tie a pretty ribbon around the neck of the jar, and attach a label with a message for your guests. This idea is guaranteed to enchant everyone at your wedding, young and old.

 If sweet treats are not your thing, there are plenty of other ideas for wedding favours that would work brilliantly in jars. Shots of homemade infused spirits are always well received, so experiment with some different recipes to find the perfect tipple for your wedding. Rhubarb-infused vodka looks so pretty in pink and is ideal for serving in a small jar, while sloe gin is another firm wedding favourite and looks fabulous served in our smaller Kilner or Mason jars.


Whilst simple jars work best for the vintage-inspired wedding styles that are so popular these days, virtually any jar could be put to work to add a uniquely personal touch to your own wedding. Why not browse our range for some inspiration?
Lovely wedding table centrepiece, showing beautiful flowers in a unique wooden plinth and jars.

Lovely wedding table centrepiece, showing beautiful flowers in a unique wooden plinth and jars.


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Wedding favours in jars and bottles

Wedding favours in jars and bottleswedding favour jars

The tradition of giving wedding favours has a rich history dating back to 16th century France, where the aristocracy would give ‘bonbonnieres’ to their guests as a symbol of care and wishes for good health. Giving small favours to wedding guests is just as popular today as it has ever been, with many people now choosing to make their own wedding favours for a uniquely personal touch.

Wedding favours in jars

When it comes to deciding what favours you would like to create for your wedding and what jars to use, the sky really is the limit. Tiny bite-sized macaroons in bright colours look fantastic in our 125ml deluxe jam jars and are hugely popular right now. If you are a little more adventurous, why not bake your own homemade cookies and decorate them with icing that matches the colours of your wedding theme? Simply pop the little cookies in our globe jam jars or our clip top jars and add a label. Using jars in this way and labelling them with a simple gift tag means the wedding favours can double up as place name settings, which is one less thing to worry about!

If you would like to give a favour that is not food-based, why not consider planting succulents in jam jars? These easy-to-grow plants will give your guests a lasting reminder of your wedding day. Another popular idea is to fill a favour jar with wildflower seeds so that your guests can sow the seeds at home for an environmentally-friendly memory of the day.

Wedding favours in bottles

Wedding favour miniatures are also very much on trend, with brides and grooms choosing to fill miniature bottles with all sorts of tempting delights, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you are keen on homemade drinks, elderflower champagne is guaranteed to be a big hit at any wedding, whilst infused gins and vodkas are easy to make and taste sublime. Rhubarb gin looks and tastes superb, with its pinkish tint and hint of sharpness, and homemade limoncello can add a zesty touch.

If you do not want to give a drink as a wedding favour, there are plenty of other creative ideas for wedding favour miniatures. One couple, who got married on a beach, filled tiny bottles with a small amount of sand and a seashell, along with their names and the date of their wedding on a small tag inside the bottle. Our Gladstone bottles would work perfectly for this idea.

With imagination and the right jar or bottle, you can create your own amazing wedding favour miniatures.

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