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Create your own wedding favour jars

Create your own wedding favour jars

Custom and eco candle holders with jars and paper labels printed for a Christmas dinner

We might still be in dark and dreary January, with wet and windy weather at every turn, but spring is very definitely around the corner – and this means that wedding season will soon be upon us. If you are planning to tie the knot this year and intend to make your own wedding favours, today’s blog post may just be of interest to you. Read on for some creative ideas on how to use small glass jars to create unique and attractive wedding favours.

Creative ideas for wedding favour jars

Favours for weddings can take all sorts of shapes and sizes, from pretty scented candles to jars of sweets or miniature macarons. White chocolate Jazzies – those chocolate discs with coloured sugar sprinkles – make the perfect sweet treat to go in a small glass jar. Topped with a silver lid, a pastel ribbon and a cute and decorative label bearing the wedding details, you have a simple but effective wedding favour that does not cost the earth. Jelly beans are another firm favourite, along with homemade strawberry bonbons or fudge, and retro sweets such as Flying Saucers and Love Hearts.

If sweets are not your thing, why not fill a jar with salted popcorn, or even the actual popping corn so that guests can take it away and make their own popcorn at home? You could even fill your jars with your own pickle or preserve; after all, who can resist traditional strawberry jam? If you fancy doing something a little quirkier, go for something such as a hedgerow jelly or dandelion marmalade. This will certainly get your guests talking and will create a lasting memento of your special day for guests to take away and enjoy.

Choosing your wedding favour jars

Of course, the perfect jar for your wedding favours depends on exactly what you decide to create. Smaller jars are ideal for filling with sweets, for example, but you will need a standard 1lb jam jar or a stylish equivalent if you want to build a ‘bake your own cookies’ jar or something similar.

Clip top jars are popular with our wedding couples, as they look stylish and fun. With a cute-as-a-button label or sticker and a pretty ribbon that matches the colour scheme of the wedding, these jars look every inch as sophisticated as wedding favours bought from professional suppliers but come at a fraction of the price if you make your own.

Why not browse our online store to find your perfect wedding favour jars?

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Mini labels for small jars and bottles

Mini labels for small jars and bottles mini label 2

Whilst some people believe that big is best, there are plenty of others who prefer the idea of the best things coming in small packages. When it comes to homemade gifts, we think smaller items work particularly well. Instead of giving a whopping 2lb jar of marmalade or chutney, for example, why not create a group of three smaller jars of preserves? These will look fabulous as a gift set. In today’s blog post, we offer some ideas for home preserve gift sets and show how the right jam jar labels can make all the difference.

Mini labels make small jars look fabulous  mini label 3

If you are planning to make gifts of your jams, pickles and chutneys, presentation is almost as important as the flavour of the preserve. A secondhand jam jar with a hastily written computer label on the front looks like you have hastily cast around in the pantry for something to give as a present, whereas a beautifully presented set of three mini jars, each with a different tempting preserve inside and loving labelled with just the right jam jar labels, will show the recipient that you have spent time and effort creating something lovely and unique.

A trio of hedgerow preserves makes an interesting and unusual gift – try one pot of crab apple jelly, one pot of apple and blackberry jam, and one pot of rowan jelly. Choose some of our lovely mini jam jars and set these off perfectly with some colourful mini jam jar labels. To top the whole gift off, why not pop the three jars into one of our gift bags or boxes for the perfect presentation?

Our range of mini labels

In addition to our extensive range of traditionally-sized labels, we have quite a few rather lovely mini label designs. These are perfect for smaller jars and bottles and are especially useful for wedding favours, as you would typically use quite a small jar or bottle. Some of the designs from the always-popular Rosemary’s Garden range of labels are available in mini sizes and we also carry tiny labels featuring a Union Jack design and a design shaped like a tiara, which works brilliantly for weddings.

Whatever the occasion, and whatever preserve or infusion you plan to make, do check out our label range and particularly these smaller labels. First impressions count, especially with homemade gifts, so make sure your creative gifts really make an impact and impress anyone who is lucky enough to receive one.

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Miniature bottles for gifts

Miniature bottles for gifts 

Glass bottle wedding favor christening on old wooden table

It seems like barely any time has passed since we were blogging about spring and the fruit and vegetables growing in the garden, waiting to be harvested in summer for turning into all sorts of tasty pickles and preserves. Suddenly, it is October and our thoughts are turning inevitably towards Christmas and the gift-giving season. Since nothing shows thought and care more than a homemade gift, today we thought we would talk about some ideas for giving miniature drinks as Christmas presents to friends and family.

Miniature bottles of homemade drinks

If you gather your sloes now and make up a batch of sloe gin, it will be ready to decant into smaller bottles just before Christmas. In addition to sloe gin, why not make some other flavours so that you can create gift sets of three or more different bottles? Try lemon gin, plum gin or even pomegranate gin. For a seasonal flavour, autumn berries are a good choice – think blackberries, hips, and frozen raspberries or redcurrants. Another great Christmas idea is a chocolate and vanilla gin, made by adding a vanilla pod and cacao nibs to the gin. This recipe is great for a last-minute gift, as it does not need to infuse over a period of weeks like sloe gin. Just make it a day or two before you want to give your gift and hope that the recipient invites you to share this delicious treat!

A great seasonal idea for whisky is apple and cinnamon infused whisky. Add roughly chopped apples to a jar, cores and all, with a cinnamon stick and sugar or honey. Pour whisky over and allow to infuse for three to five weeks before bottling in miniature whisky bottles.

Our range of miniature bottles 

Alcohol cocktails, shots in glass bottles. Row of many alcohol tasty shots with straws in small bottles. Creative cocktails. Unusual alcohol in bar, many, plenty of drinks for party., catering, event

From miniature whisky bottles to tiny 50ml liqueur bottles, our range of small glass bottles covers every option. There are diminutive flask bottles and fancier options, such as the Nocturne bottle with a cork stopper and the slender Esmeralda and Opera bottles. Whether you want to create some infused spirits, a homemade wine or even a cordial, there is a bottle to suit your project. Mini bottles work well as gifts when you group them together in sets of three or five, with a different flavour of drink in each bottle if possible. Labelled neatly, and with a decorative ribbon to set the whole thing off, this type of gift looks every bit as professional as the shop-bought alternatives and the recipient will be especially touched that you went to the trouble of making such a thoughtful homemade gift.

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Wedding Favours

DIY wedding favours


Three small jars of marmalade or jam on wooden table. Toned image

Wedding Favours – Mini Jam Jars

It is no secret that weddings can cost a small fortune. Even small details seem to cost an exorbitant amount, and costs soon start to mount up to eye-watering levels. One solution to help keep things manageable is to take a DIY approach wherever you can. Not many brides would be able to create their own wedding dress or bake their own three-tier wedding cake, of course, but there are smaller elements to the day that can be tackled by anyone. Wedding favours are one such item, and these can be more appealing and personal when they are homemade rather than shop-bought. In today’s post, we showcase a few of our jars and bottles that are perfect for use in DIY favours and offer a few suggestions on what to fill them with.

 Food and drink wedding favours

 Gone are the days when favours amounted to a pouch of sugared almonds for each guest. Wedding couples these days want to express their unique personalities in their choice of favours and give a gift that shows they have put thought and care into finding just the right thing to say thank you to their guests. Wedding jars filled with homemade creations are extremely popular, and couples are getting more and more inventive when it comes to what to fill those jars with. From homemade jams and jellies using foraged and hedgerow fruits to cute and colourful macaroons, it is easy to come up with something that stands out from the crowd and impresses your guests. The great thing about this approach is that it reduces the cost dramatically when compared with buying ready-made favours.

 Our Gladstone bottles with corks are also hugely popular for favours. Couples are creating their own homemade drinks, such as infused gins and vodkas, and decanting them into these miniature Gladstone bottles for a really charming favour.

 Non-food wedding favours

 Wedding jars do not have to be filled with something edible, of course. One of our favourite wedding favour ideas is to fill small jars with wild flower seeds. On the label, ask your wedding guests to scatter the seeds in a favourite spot to create a beautiful and lasting reminder of your wedding day. Other couples have chosen to give small herb plants potted in tiny jars for guests to plant at home. Rosemary and thyme are great choices for this idea, as they smell so heavenly and won’t wilt on the big day. Our 105ml jam jars are perfect for this option.


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Using jars for wedding favours and displays

Using jars for wedding favours and displays 

Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

In past articles, we have talked about how to use our range of jars and bottles for wedding favours or small vases for wedding reception tables. We have featured some incredibly creative ideas that are guaranteed to look fabulous, so we thought we would revisit this theme today. This time, however, we take a look at how ‘going big’ with your displays and decorations can really add the wow factor and make your wedding look like something from a glossy magazine.

Grouping lots of wedding jars together

Kicking off the ‘big is best’ idea, let’s consider how much of an impact you could make by grouping lots of wedding jars together. There is obviously a limited amount of space available on each wedding table; however, by building up a group of jars of different sizes in the centre of the table, you can really create an impact. In the tallest jars, try adding tall stems of beautiful flowers, feathers or even branches decorated with tiny baubles or glitter. As the jars get smaller, reduce the size of the items you place in them to keep everything in proportion.

Delicious wedding sweets (multicolor table set)

Another way to pack a powerful design punch is to decorate the edge of the room with rows of jars, each holding a tea light. With the lights dimmed, this will look oh-so romantic. If your wedding reception is in a marquee or barn, try lining the edge of the pathways with jars filled with tealights to illuminate the outdoor space and create a magical atmosphere.

Using bigger wedding jars

Some of our larger jars work brilliantly in a wedding setting. If you want to offer sweets as wedding favours but the standard candy cart offering is not what you have in mind, why not fill a row of our one-gallon pickle jars with vintage or homemade, sweets? You could also offer colourful macaroons, chocolate cookies and homemade biscuits in these jars to make your wedding favours really stand out.

Another great idea for larger jars is to wind a string of twinkling LED lights into each jar and dot these around the room for a fairy tale look that will have all the old romantics in the room whisking their partners onto the dancefloor.

From using larger sized jars to hold sweet treats and wedding favours to grouping smaller jars en masse, you can achieve a unique and stylish effect for your big day by thinking big when it comes to using jars as part of your wedding styling.

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Wonderful Wedding Jars

Wonderful wedding jars

Old-fashioned, romantic wedding themes are very much on trend, as are country cottage and rustic themes. Pretty English native flowers, pastel colours and simple accessories all combine to give the romantic wedding theme a timeless charm that is hard to beat. In today’s post, we look at how our glass jars are being used by wedding couples across the country to help create their own unique and oh-so-romantic wedding theme.

 Romantic ideas for wedding jars

 For a simple, vintage-inspired look, many couples are choosing to make their own table centrepieces. If you would like to do this for your own wedding, try grouping several jars of different sizes together, with the largest jar containing a posy of traditional English flowers and the smaller jars holding scented tea lights. You can decorate the jars by sticking ivory lace to the outside, painting a design on them, or using a frosting lacquer to create an etched design that will allow the candle light to flicker through.

 If your wedding reception is outside or there is at least some outside element, consider hanging jars containing tea lights or fairy lights from the low branches of nearby trees. Tie the jars on using a traditional jute thread or simple twine. A group of these will look enchanting, bobbing around in a gentle breeze and providing a flickering and ephemeral light.

 Using wedding jars as favours

 Jars do not just work well as wedding centrepieces or vases; in addition, they make wonderfully simple containers for wedding favours. Fill small jars with old-fashioned sweets, such as candy Love Hearts or those delightful white chocolate buttons coated in hundreds and thousands. Screw on the lid, tie a pretty ribbon around the neck of the jar, and attach a label with a message for your guests. This idea is guaranteed to enchant everyone at your wedding, young and old.

 If sweet treats are not your thing, there are plenty of other ideas for wedding favours that would work brilliantly in jars. Shots of homemade infused spirits are always well received, so experiment with some different recipes to find the perfect tipple for your wedding. Rhubarb-infused vodka looks so pretty in pink and is ideal for serving in a small jar, while sloe gin is another firm wedding favourite and looks fabulous served in our smaller Kilner or Mason jars.


Whilst simple jars work best for the vintage-inspired wedding styles that are so popular these days, virtually any jar could be put to work to add a uniquely personal touch to your own wedding. Why not browse our range for some inspiration?
Lovely wedding table centrepiece, showing beautiful flowers in a unique wooden plinth and jars.

Lovely wedding table centrepiece, showing beautiful flowers in a unique wooden plinth and jars.


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Wedding Favour Jars

Wedding Favour Jars

 There used to be a TV game show during which the presenter would say to the contestants: ‘We asked 100 people to name …’. If we asked our customers to name things found in jars, most would surely answer ‘jam’, with perhaps some of them suggesting gherkins, chutney or even pickled eggs. Customers planning their own weddings, however, might answer very differently. Our customers come up with all manner of creative ideas for using our jars for weddings; for example, a great idea we see regularly is placing candles in jars for a pretty and romantic wedding display.

 Wedding jars and candles

 Brides and grooms often choose to create a centrepiece for each table at the wedding reception and sometimes have something similar inside the venue in which the ceremony is taking place. Jars with candles inside work brilliantly for this.

 Many wedding couples opt for simple jam jars, housing anything from tea lights to homemade beeswax candles for a charming, vintage-inspired theme for their wedding. Placed together in clusters of three or five, these can make gentle but uplifting focal points on wedding tables or along the walls of a church or wedding venue.

 Our globe jam jars are also perfect for holding tea light candles and look great with a thin pastel ribbon around the rim, chosen to tie in with the wedding theme.

 If you are planning a summer wedding with your reception in a marquee outside, it would be a delightful idea to hang jam jars from trees around the reception area with each containing a tealight. You could even paste crepe paper to the outside of the jars to make each a different colour. Twinkling in the summer evening, these jars would look oh-so romantic.

 For a larger centrepiece for a table, try a one-gallon pickling jar and place a thick white candle in the centre. For decoration, wrap a small amount of gypsophila around the lower part of the candle, well away from the flame. Place smaller jars around this for the best effect.

 Safety when using wedding jars and candles


Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

Whenever you are using candles, some common-sense precautions are needed. Always ensure the flame of any candle will not touch the sides of the jar and never put a lid on a jar containing a candle. Tea lights are perfect in jars for weddings, as they come in their own small metal container that keeps things safe and free of candle wax. Always site your candles carefully where they cannot be accidentally knocked over, and ensure they are out of reach of children.


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Wedding Favour Jars

Lovely wedding table centrepiece, showing beautiful flowers in a unique wooden plinth and jars.

Lovely wedding table centrepiece using jars and wedding favours can be produced in jars to match when filled with jams or sweets.

Wedding favour jars

If you are planning a spring wedding for 2017 and still have some last-minute details to settle for the wedding reception, Wares of Knutsford could be the answer to your prayers. If you are struggling for inspiration for your wedding favours, read on to see how our extensive range of small jars and bottles could be just the thing to use for your wedding favours.

Which wedding favour jars to choose?

We have helped so many couples to find the perfect bottle or jar for their wedding favours that we decided to make an entire category on our website to showcase the most suitable jars and bottles. Some of our personal favourites include our vintage-inspired jars and bottles, such as the adorable 50ml Gladstone bottles with cork stoppers and the 100ml Nocturne glass bottles. These have an old-fashioned charm and will look fabulous on a country-inspired wedding reception table.

If you plan on giving alcoholic favours, our miniatures bottles are perfect. We have miniature whisky bottles, flask bottles and wine bottles, all of which will look stylish and professional when filled with a delicious tipple and decorated with ribbons and tags to match your wedding theme.

Speaking of ribbons and tags, these are just as important for your favours as the jars and bottles, or indeed the contents that you choose to fill them with. Again, we have some adorable tags and pretty ribbons to finish off your favours perfectly. Our white birdcage gift tag set is lovely and is just right for a romantic white wedding. Our heart-shaped tags are also popular for weddings, as are our pastel and hessian ribbons. These small details add up to make a unique and inspired wedding favour.

Ideas for wedding favour jars

The type of jar or bottle you choose for your favours will largely be determined by what you want to put in them. Traditional sugared almonds have largely fallen out of fashion nowadays, replaced by tastier treats such as homemade fudge, old-fashioned sweets and even little jars of honey. On the drinks front, miniature whisky bottles are very much on trend, along with infused vodkas and gins. Another lovely idea for the home preserves enthusiast is homemade elderflower champagne, with elderflower cordial for any children attending the wedding.

If your wedding date is drawing nearer and you are looking for some wedding favour inspiration, pop over to our dedicated wedding favours page to browse through our full collection of jars, bottles, tags and ribbons. In no time at all, you will be full of creative ideas for your own wedding.

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Wedding favours in jars and bottles

Wedding favours in jars and bottleswedding favour jars

The tradition of giving wedding favours has a rich history dating back to 16th century France, where the aristocracy would give ‘bonbonnieres’ to their guests as a symbol of care and wishes for good health. Giving small favours to wedding guests is just as popular today as it has ever been, with many people now choosing to make their own wedding favours for a uniquely personal touch.

Wedding favours in jars

When it comes to deciding what favours you would like to create for your wedding and what jars to use, the sky really is the limit. Tiny bite-sized macaroons in bright colours look fantastic in our 125ml deluxe jam jars and are hugely popular right now. If you are a little more adventurous, why not bake your own homemade cookies and decorate them with icing that matches the colours of your wedding theme? Simply pop the little cookies in our globe jam jars or our clip top jars and add a label. Using jars in this way and labelling them with a simple gift tag means the wedding favours can double up as place name settings, which is one less thing to worry about!

If you would like to give a favour that is not food-based, why not consider planting succulents in jam jars? These easy-to-grow plants will give your guests a lasting reminder of your wedding day. Another popular idea is to fill a favour jar with wildflower seeds so that your guests can sow the seeds at home for an environmentally-friendly memory of the day.

Wedding favours in bottles

Wedding favour miniatures are also very much on trend, with brides and grooms choosing to fill miniature bottles with all sorts of tempting delights, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you are keen on homemade drinks, elderflower champagne is guaranteed to be a big hit at any wedding, whilst infused gins and vodkas are easy to make and taste sublime. Rhubarb gin looks and tastes superb, with its pinkish tint and hint of sharpness, and homemade limoncello can add a zesty touch.

If you do not want to give a drink as a wedding favour, there are plenty of other creative ideas for wedding favour miniatures. One couple, who got married on a beach, filled tiny bottles with a small amount of sand and a seashell, along with their names and the date of their wedding on a small tag inside the bottle. Our Gladstone bottles would work perfectly for this idea.

With imagination and the right jar or bottle, you can create your own amazing wedding favour miniatures.

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Make your own wedding favours

Wedding FavoursMake your own wedding favours

If you are planning to get married sometime soon, the chances are that you are already busy sorting out all the details that make the big day special. Weddings can be extraordinarily expensive and many brides are looking for a highly-personalised theme for their wedding. With sites such as Pinterest offering endless inspiration for themes and details alike, savvy brides are creating unique themes and saving money at the same time by styling their own weddings and creating all the personal touches and details themselves.

Wedding favours

One easy way to put your own stamp on the design details at your wedding is to make your own wedding favours. These are small gifts given by the bride and groom as a gesture of gratitude to those attending the wedding. Traditionally, five sugared almonds were given to symbolise longevity, fertility, health, wealth and happiness; in recent times, sugared almonds have perhaps been seen as a little dated, with couples looking for ever more creative ideas for their own favours.

Ideas for wedding favours

We stock a huge range of miniature jars, boxes and bottles that are absolutely perfect for making favours. Fill our 45ml hexagonal jam jars with sweets or nuts, or pop a personalised gift into one of our decorative favour boxes. If you are feeling adventurous, why not make your own infused oils and vinegars and present these to guests in our 40ml glass Esmeralda bottles?

We have seen a whole host of amazingly creative ideas for favours from the brides who come to us for supplies. One bride and groom baked colourful miniature macarons and presented them beautifully in our dinky glass sweet jars, whilst another couple used our simple linen pouches to hold wildflower seeds for an environmentally-conscious and memorable favour.

Chocolates, pralines and fudge are all firm favourites and look gorgeously tempting in our glass sweet jars or miniature Kilner jam jars. Fudge especially is easy to make and can be personalised by using a cookie cutter to create adorable heart shapes, for example. Homemade fortune cookies are also popular and these work well with our favour boxes, which are available in a range of different colours and designs.

Another great idea that we saw recently used homemade elderflower champagne bottled in our heart design miniature swing top bottles. If you fancy a stronger tipple, why not make homemade sloe gin or blackberry vodka and present it in our miniature spirit bottles?

Whatever creative idea you settle on, you are sure to find the perfect jar, box or bottle for your own unique favours here at Wares of Knutsford.

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Where to Buy Sweet Jars

sweet jars

As Christmas approaches it’s easy to run out of inspiration for Xmas gift shopping. Wares of Knutsford can come to your rescue with plenty of great gift ideas!

Buy sweet jars and fill them with old favourites

One of the simplest but most appreciated gifts this season, a jar full of sweets will be welcomed by anyone – adults or children, friends and family, co-workers, your child’s teacher, your postman, in fact by everyone except maybe people on a diet!

It helps to know if the recipient has a favourite sweet, in which case you go for a whole jar of sherbet lemons or rhubarb and custards or cola cubes whatever is appropriate. However you can also make up mixtures of your own!

Buy sweet jars of all sorts of sizes at Wares of Knutsford, including traditional large glass jars and more modern angled jars. Once the sweets have all been eaten, the jars can be re-used in all sorts of ways!

Sweet jars but not sweets!

If you are buying for people who are a bit health conscious, who are trying to cut down on sugar or who simply don’t like sweets (do such people really exist?!), you can still buy sweet shop style jars to make amazing personal gifts. There are few women out there who won’t appreciate a little pamper package – simply fill a sweet jar with miniature bottles of bath bubbles, body lotion and foot scrub, then add a sachet of face mask, a pair of exfoliating gloves, a nail file and a nail polish. Try and buy pampering treats in co-ordinating colours and complementary scents for a professional looking package, and make sure you add a label and a ribbon. This works as well for men as for women – just change the contents around a little bit to include a smart razor, exotic shaving oil and miniature aftershave samples, a grooming kit and men’s facial scrub and moisturiser.

You can also make jars designed for children – it’s only fair to add a few sweeties, but bulk out the package with plenty of colouring crayons, lego pieces, marbles, small toy figures, socks, a party horn and a bubble blower!

You can construct a sweet jar for crafters to include items such as ink pads, glitter tape, chalk markers, letter stamps, beads, a tape runner, needles, threads, and a roll of twine. A similar idea themed around sewing could include needles and threads, a cute thimble, a pin cushion, scissors and a tape measure, for example.

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Candle Holder with Tea Light

candle holder

Wares of Knutsford is pleased to introduce a new product. The glass tea light holder would make an excellent small gift on all sorts of occasions but is equally tempting to buy for yourself.

Clear glass candle holder for tea lights

The round, clear glass tea light candle holder is so simple it would look as good in an elegant drawing room as in a cottage garden. It is 9cm wide and 6.5cm tall, making it an ideal stocking filler for Christmas and a great addition to gift hampers all year round. The candle holder comes with a tea light so it can be wrapped and gifted without any further ado.

If you are using the tea light holder in your own home, group it with other clear glass objects – candle holders in different shapes or vases – to create a stylish vignette. The affordable price means you can buy a few and group them together to create impact in an otherwise unremarkable setting.

As well as using a basic tea light to give a gentle glow to an unloved corner, you can use the holder to burn scented and coloured tea lights to give extra atmosphere to your home.

Creating atmosphere with a candle holder

There’s nothing as atmospheric and flattering as candlelight, both in and outside the house. Even unlit, a selection of candle holders helps to dress your house and give it that personal touch that makes it a home. With summer approaching, gardening is doubtless a priority on many housekeeping lists. If you can’t stretch to a complete re-landscaping, you can nonetheless make your garden or yard look inviting and attractive with a few easy lighting tricks.

For example, if you have a tree in your garden, organise some hanging tea lights – the candlelight shining through foliage will create magical patterns of light and shade in your garden. Similarly, line up some tea lights along walls and windowsills for gentle light to create an intimate and welcoming feel in the garden. The muted light works wonders to disguise scruffy borders and threadbare grass!

Summer’s light evenings mean you can get away without harsh lighting but as the hours pass, a couple of tea lights along a dinner table continue the momentum of a pleasant meal or gathering. Place between posies of flowers for a fresh and pretty look and to draw attention away from uncleared plates and glasses.

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Homemade Wedding Gifts and Favours

homemade wedding gifts

Spring has sprung and wedding season is approaching in the UK. Brides are under enormous pressure, both financial and creative, as weddings become ever more expensive and competitive. If you are a bride or a wedding planner organising an event for this year, consider homemade wedding gifts to enable you to follow the wedding theme, fit in with table settings and delight guests – all without spending a fortune.

Wedding favours are designed to please guests, sometimes to provide a memento of the occasion and to look elegant as part of a table display. Wares of Knutsford can supply materials for all sorts of imaginative wedding favours and out helpful and friendly staff are happy to help you out with ideas too! There is a whole wedding favours category on the Wares of Knutsford website but you could also get ideas on other sections of the site.

Personalising homemade wedding gifts

By personalising wedding favours rather than buying an anonymous gift, brides can ensure a co-ordinated table display and show off their creativity. Wares of Knutsford’s miniature bottles and jars are huge favourites with brides shopping for homemade wedding favours, but of course the contents are what counts. This means you can fill the jars or bottles with homemade liqueurs or cordials, jams and chutneys, homemade cosmetics such as bath milk or body lotion. By making your own favours you can also tailor to your guests – so children will receive a jar of sweets rather than alcoholic liqueur, for example!

Once you have decided upon your contents, you will need to decide how to present the favours to be personal to you. This can mean ribbons or bows, but should also include a label stating the contents and any usage instructions. These labels are ideal for personalising purposes, displaying a picture of the happy couple, for example, the date and location or a personal message to recipients.

Choosing bottles and jars for homemade wedding gifts

Brides seem to favour small or miniature bottles or jars, because they fit neatly into table settings without taking up too much room. Hexagonal designs are more decorative than basic jars and bottles and so are popular for modern themed weddings. Clip top jars are fashionable and great for guests to keep because they are easy to re-use. Look for more exotic or unusual jars or bottles to make your homemade wedding favours stand out.

Remember that larger pack sizes mean cheaper prices, and Wares of Knutsford charges the same flat postage fee no matter how much you order!

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Wedding Fayres for Wedding Favours

wedding favours

If you’re planning a wedding right now you’re probably trying your best to create an event that is unique to you and your other half. You may have spent months browsing the bridal magazines and attending every wedding fayre within a 50-mile radius but it can still be hard to get your hands on the elements that will truly say ‘us’ on your big day.

This is one of the reasons why more and more people are opting to create their own wedding features these days. From table centre-pieces to chair decorations, it seems that DIY has been given a new lease of life when it comes to wedding planning. Wedding favours, in particular, are regularly ‘home-made’ allowing the bride and groom to put their own stamp on the gifts they offer and ensure that they are perfectly suited to the people who will receive them.

Wedding favours inspiration

Wedding favours don’t have to be complex, they just have to say something about you and your guests. They should be small enough to not take up too much space on the table but big on personality in order to delight or amuse. To help you out, Wares of Knutsford has a beautiful selection of jars and bottle just waiting for you, or your friends and family, to fill. These have all been hand-picked for their elegance and practicality, leaving you free to spend more of your time deciding on what the contents should be.

Ideas for DIY wedding favours

The contents of your chosen bottles or jars are only limited by your imagination – and budget, of course. Your wedding favour ideas should be based on the type of wedding you’re planning and the type of guests who will be there. If it’s a fun and funky theme, the young and young-at-heart with be thrilled with a jar filled with retro sweets, whilst bottles filled with a heady cocktail are perfect for a more grown-up affair. For sheer sophistication, you could offer your guests a single flower in a beautiful bottle or a sparkling gem within a stunning jar. If you’re planning a small gathering, how about creating your very own message in a bottle for each of the guests who attend? You don’t have to say much but what you do say is sure to be appreciated and demonstrate a level of thought and feeling that no mass-produced favour could ever hope to copy.

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Liqueur Mini Bottles

liqueur mini bottles

At Wares of Knutsford we’ve noticed that our customers have been using our mini liqueur bottles for all sorts of things apart from liqueurs!

Uses for liqueur mini bottles

First of all, of course, you can use our liqueur mini bottles for liqueurs. Whether you are making them for personal use, to give as gifts or to sell, you are sure to be able to find an appropriate bottle among our huge range. There are classic whiskey bottle shapes and fancy, decorative bottles, all available in packs of six, 12, 24 or 36.

Our small bottle selection is also popular with those making wedding favours, to hold essential oils, craft supplies or small quantities of ingredients. They are great for sample sizes of cosmetics and aromatherapy products too.

Bottles are available in clear, blue, amber and green glass, with 5ml smallest size in the range. A number of different caps are offered including screw tops, corks, droppers or swing stoppers.

Recipes for liqueur mini bottles

If you have a winter wedding coming up or simply fancy spreading a little colour, try some jewel coloured liqueur in mini bottles – it’s cute, cheerful and warming on a cold day!

Blackberry vodka liqueur

If you still have some frozen blackberries left in the freezer and are all jammed out, this delicious, deep purple hued liqueur is a very adult way to use them. Quantities given make about a litre.

  • 750ml good quality vodka
  • 450g blackberries, fresh or frozen
  • 600g caster sugar
  • 250ml water

Heat the sugar with the water gently until completely dissolved, then leave the mixture to cool.

Add the vodka, fruit and sugar syrup to a large container, trying to avoid crushing the berries. Seal and allow to infuse for at least a couple of weeks. Stir carefully every few days. Strain the mixture through a fine muslin cloth into your mini liqueur bottles and store in a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks before using.

Damson Gin

This plummy liqueur has a sweet and sour flavour that works beautifully with hard, full flavoured cheeses such as a sharp cheddar.

  • 450g damsons, skins pricked
  • 225g sugar
  • 700ml good quality gin

Add all the ingredients to a large, wide necked jar, seal and shake gently to help the sugar dissolve. Store in a cool, dark place for 8-12 weeks, turning the bottle every few days. Strain into your liqueur mini bottles.

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50ml Glass Bottles in Many Styles

glass bottles 50ml

The Wares of Knutsford glass bottle range includes options from a tiny 5ml up to five litre demijohns. The 50ml bottle collection is particularly popular and comes in a huge variety of styles, with a vast range of uses. Cooks, crafters, chemists and home brewers will all find glass bottles 50ml size, and jars to suit their purpose.

Basic glass bottles 50ml

The basic range of 50ml glass bottles comes in clear, amber, green and blue, while there are plastic versions available if you prefer. Your home brewed liqueurs or sloe gin can be perfectly admired in the clear glass bottles while the straight sided, screw top versions in coloured glass are perfect for aromatherapy and home made cosmetics, as the darker hue helps to prevent the contents from degradation by sunlight. The standard screw top keeps the contents secure but pipette or dropper tops or corks are available if you prefer – have a look at the ‘Spare bottle tops’ page.

There are also 50ml cosmetics jars in frosted glass or red plastic, to give your lotions and potions a professional look.

Special glass bottles 50ml

The 50ml Gladstone bottle with a cork stopper is versatile and decorative, while the ‘Naturals’ range includes a funky little 50ml clear glass carafe and a pretty, blue glass corked bottle. These are a great way to present home made produce as gifts or give your guest room that ‘posh hotel’ feel when people come to stay.

The bottles and jars come in various pack sizes, and your purchase gets more economical with the larger packs. Furthermore the postage charge remains the same no matter how much you order, so you can keep adding to your basket without worrying about incurring a huge delivery charge at the end. The small bottles and jars are very popular with brides looking to create personalised and individual wedding favours and our large pack sizes are particularly useful on these occasions.

Wares of Knutsford is happy to sell to professional customers at wholesale prices. Small hotels or restaurants and aromatherapists in particular will find our small bottle range very useful. Contact our staff to discuss prices, delivery and invoicing. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are happy to track down more unusual items.

Always sterilise your bottles before you use them for food and drink or cosmetic products.

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Small Blue Glass Bottles

small blue glass bottles

Glass bottles are available in a huge choice of colours and styles with blue being among the most popular. Pale blue bottles have a fresh, pretty feel whilst darker blue glass is perfect for when you want to make a bold statement.

Using small blue glass bottles in aromatherapy

Small blue glass bottles have long been associated with medicines and healthcare products, with dark glass vials traditionally used by apothecaries and pharmacists for the storing of custom-blended tinctures. This idea is still popular today and this type of small blue bottle is frequently used for essential oils. Aromatherapy is the practice of using these highly concentrated plant oils to improve health and wellness. For example, lavender oil is regarded as having a relaxing, calming effect whilst eucalyptus can be beneficial for clearing congestion if you are suffering from a cold. The oils are extremely potent in their distilled form and so are usually either diluted in water, for example in the bath, or blended with carriers oils such as almond for a less concentrated effect. Storing these oils in dark bottles prevents them losing concentration due to exposure to sunlight. Small 10ml bottles are ideal for the individual oils themselves, whilst larger 50ml bottles are extremely useful for storing mixtures or oils that have already been blended with carrier oils.

Other uses for small blue glass bottles

These appealing bottles can also be used for a number of other purposes around the home. Rectangular blue bottles with corks resemble old-fashioned pharmacy flasks and make unusual containers for bath salts or bubble bath. They look fabulous on a shelf or windowsill and will complement many bathroom colour schemes perfectly. Larger blue glass bottles are also extremely useful in the kitchen. Fill them with oil and vinegar and keep on the dining table as eye-catching condiment containers. Kilner clip top bottles have a charming vintage feel and make lovely presentation bottles for homemade cordials or lemonade. Alternatively use them as stylish water bottles when hosting a dinner party. Smaller versions make pretty wedding favours and add a quirky touch to a retro-themed wedding.

From shimmering pale turquoise to the deepest dramatic cobalt, blue glass bottles are an attractive addition to your home. Whether you are looking for a small blue bottle for your essential oils or larger ones for other beauty products, you are sure to find the right bottles at Wares.

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Mini Sweet Jars for Wedding Favours

wedding favours

Wares of Knutsford has launched a new shopping section for wedding favours, featuring mini sweet jars, bottles and pots. These days wedding favours are expected to feature a personal touch, which often involves the bride and groom coming up with their own ideas. These may involve handmade items or simply feature objects of interest relevant to the couple and the occasion.

Adult wedding favours in mini jars

A simple option involves filling miniature bottles with a liqueur – it’s colourful and delicious, but won’t be suitable for all guests. However few people are determined to turn down home made sweets in small quantities. Just decorate your jars prettily with labels and ribbons that fit in with the occasion and colour scheme.

Chocolate truffles

Quantities make 50:

  • 280g dark chocolate, chopped (go for good quality, 70% cocoa solids varieties)
  • 284ml double cream
  • 50g butter

Heat the cream and butter together very gently, stirring regularly, in a saucepan until melted and simmering. Pour into a large bowl with the chocolate and stir until it has all melted together into a smooth mixture.

At this stage you can add flavourings of your choice, separating the mixture into different bowls for the different flavours. Add a teaspoon at a time of Grand Marnier, orange zest and juice, coconut rum or a few drops of peppermint essence, for example. You can also leave the mixture plain. Leave to cool in the refrigerator for about four hours.

Use a melon baller to shape the truffles, finishing off with your hands (coated in oil to avoid sticking). The shaped truffle balls should be dipped in bowls of toppings of your choice to decorate – consider crushed nuts, desiccated coconut, cocoa powder or edible gold leaf. Alternatively, dip into or pipe over melted white and dark chocolate. Can be made up to a month in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

Wedding favours for children in mini jars

Unless you’re having an ultra civilised celebration with children excluded, you’ll need to think of an appropriate wedding favours selection for your junior guests. These are most easily contained within mini sweet jars, which will help the kids to keep their prize together both during the wedding and at home. Fortunately children are easy to please with gifts, so mini jars filled with a selection of sweets or small toys such as beads, plastic jewellery, colourful stickers, pens and pencils, jigsaw pieces or marbles should keep them occupied while the adults are enjoying a more sophisticated party.

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