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Need lots of glass bottles – wholesale?

Need lots of glass bottles – Wholesale? 

various jars of fruit jam on wooden table

The foodie market in the UK is going from strength to strength, with increasing numbers of people wanting to learn about the provenance of the food they eat, to shop local and to support small-scale producers. Up and down the country, farmers’ markets and food festivals are thriving and more and more people are deciding to become artisan producers, selling their own unique ranges of chutneys, pickles, sauces and salsas.

If you are an artisan producer of preserves or juices, one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face is finding a reliable supplier of quality glass bottles and jars. Some suppliers source bottles and jars of inferior quality, whilst others have prohibitive trade terms or are unreliable when it comes to delivery timeframes. Here at Wares of Knutsford, things are very different, which is why our wholesale customers return to us time and time again for a consistent and professional service.

Buying glass bottles wholesale

If you are making large volumes of drinks, cordials or sauces, it makes sense to buy your glass bottles wholesale. The cost savings of buying in bulk are significant, and you can even order mixed pallets – subject to pack sizes – for each type of bottle or jar you want to buy.

To qualify for our wholesale terms, the minimum order value is £450, excluding delivery and VAT. Spread across a range of glass bottles and jars, this quantity is easy to achieve – our ‘mix and match’ approach means that you do not have to overstock or buy more than you really need to lock in the best prices.

Glass bottles wholesale delivery

Wholesale orders are despatched securely wrapped on pallets for safe and secure delivery and ease of storage once they arrive. We always telephone our wholesale customers to confirm the delivery date, so there are never any unexpected delays or unscheduled visits from the courier company.

Wholesale prices

We show a small selection of wholesale options on our website. If you would like a full wholesale price list or a tailored quote for a specific order, simply get in touch with us on 01477 537224 and we will be delighted to work through your requirements.

For customers who can take even larger quantities, the price savings are even greater for single item bulk purchases. A pallet contains just one size and style of bottle or jar, typically containing around 1,000 units.

If you are an artisan producer looking to take your business to the next level in terms of professional presentation, look no further than Wares of Knutsford.

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Wholesale Glass Jars

Wholesale Glass Jars

Wares of Knutsford has built a reputation for having the widest choice of jam jars and bottles in the country, with a jar or bottle to suit every conceivable recipe or use. Whilst many of our customers come to us looking for just a few jars for their home preserving projects, others have much larger-scale requirements. Bulk Jam JarsWhether you want a single jar or 1,000 jars, we are happy to help!

Sourcing glass jars wholesale

Are you an artisan producer selling your jams, pickles and preserves at farmers’ markets and independent food stores? Do you own a kitchenwares store with customers searching for a full range of jam jars, bottles and preserving equipment? Whatever your business, Wares of Knutsford is ready to help if you are looking to buy large or small glass jars wholesale.

As a small-scale producer, having a clean and consistent approach to your jars gives your enterprise a much more professional look. Whatever type of business you run, it is important to find a supplier that always delivers on its promises; for example, if you are scheduled to produce a fresh batch of jam or chutney, you need to be confident that your jars will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Our loyal and long-standing customers, both trade and direct, demonstrate our commitment to delivering excellent service with every order.

Buying glass jars wholesale

If you are looking to source jars for your business, get in touch with us to find out about our wholesale pricing. Wholesale orders are delivered on a pallet at a time to suit. A minimum order value of £450 applies, excluding VAT and delivery. A pallet can contain just one line item or a mix of different jars and bottles, provided these are ordered in box quantities and not as singles to ensure packing and delivery safety.

Not just for businesses

You don’t have to be a business to benefit from our amazing bulk buy deals. We supply all sorts of customers who, for a variety of reasons, need to source a huge number of jars or bottles. Whether you are a bride-to-be looking to buy small glass jars wholesale to use as wedding favours or you are in a cooking club and want to save money by buying as a group, we can handle all bulk requirements. Our bulk buy deals offer great savings on our regular prices for those who want to order a large quantity of jars but don’t meet our minimum order value requirements for wholesale pricing.

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Wholesale jar and bottle suppliers

kitchen storage jars

At Wares of Knutsford we are pleased to supply not only individual customers but also small businesses and those who simply want to save by buying in bulk. For this reason, we make it easy to buy in a number of different ways.

Wholesale jars and bottles

Our wholesale terms are designed for small businesses and those who want to buy in pallet-sized quantities. The main condition is a minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery. Shipping charges will be calculated on a per order basis. Please contact us for a wholesale bottles and jars price list by email at or by phone on 01477 537224. Delivery is usually within seven days once full payment has been made.

A wholesale bottles and jars order example

You do not have to buy wholesale bottles and jars in pallets of the same product; instead, you can make up a pallet of any combination of our products in boxed quantities for ease of packaging and delivery. You may want to make up the majority of your order from one size of bottle or jar, for example, but you can include some smaller and larger sizes and a quantity of miniature jars or bottles, which are great for giving out product samples as testers.

Bulk buy wholesale jars and bottles range

All our products are available wholesale and we have made our bestselling bottles and jars available at a special bulk buy discount for those who do not quite need wholesale quantities. Our bulk buy bargain packs include 192 bottles or jars, with lids where applicable, and offer a significant discount on individual prices. Our bulk buy deals are useful for smaller business, for those who preserve on a large scale, for friends who want to group together to take advantage of the discounted price and for those who are buying jars or bottles for events, such as for wedding favours.

If you can’t find a bulk buy deal to suit you, please don’t hesitate to speak to our helpful and friendly staff about making up a custom-mixed pack. These are ideal for buyers with precise requirements and those looking for more unusual items. The pack will be priced on a per order basis and is ideal for smaller businesses that are just starting up or again for friends buying as a group to benefit from discounts applied to larger orders.

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Wholesale Cosmetic Jars

wholesale cosmetic jars

At Wares of Knutsford we don’t limit our stock to preserving jars; we are also cosmetic jar suppliers. Presentation is the key to ensuring that your home-made products look professional and at Wares of Knutsford we stock a great variety of smart and elegant cosmetic jars.

The wholesale cosmetic jars range at Wares of Knutsford

Our cosmetic jars come in clear, amber and frosted glass in a variety of sizes. There are also red plastic jars.

Clear glass cosmetic jars start at tiny 15ml size, with a black, lined Bakelite lid. These jars are perfect for lip balms; eye creams; solid perfume; or to give away samples of your products. The clear glass cosmetic jars go up in size to 60ml, 120ml, 250ml and 500ml. Amber glass jars come in similar sizes – 30ml, 60ml, 120ml and 500ml, with the same black Bakelite screw top lids.

Wares of Knutsford is also pleased to be Laurence cosmetic jar suppliers. These deluxe jars lend a high end appearance to any product. Laurence cosmetic jars in frosted glass are double walled and come in 15ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes with screw lids featuring a decorative silver band. There is also a 30ml clear glass Laurence luxury cosmetic jar available.

Speciality cosmetic jars include a 50ml plastic jar in high quality dark red plastic with an opaque white screw top lid; a 5ml lip salve jar in clear glass with a white screw top; a 150ml vintage style clear glass powder puff jar with a silver coloured screw-on lid; and a 120ml clear glass ointment jar with a silver aluminium screw top.

Terms and conditions for buying wholesale cosmetic jars

Wares of Knutsford is pleased to supply private customers and businesses alike. We offer discounted prices for buying in bulk, including our great value bargain packs of 192 jars, with lids, ideal for those buying in commercial quantities.

To qualify for wholesale cosmetic jars prices you need to place a minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery. This order can be made up of any one product or a mixture of jars, bottles and kitchenware. Products are supplied in box quantities for ease of packaging and delivery is calculated on an individual order basis.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff to discuss your wholesale cosmetic jar requirements.

Alternatively take a look at our bulk buy bargain packs, which are available for our most popular jars and bottles and include 192 jars plus lids. These are sent at our usual flat postage rate, making them great value.

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Wholesale Marmalade Jars

wholesale marmalade jars

We continue our marmalade odyssey this month by reminding you that we also sell wholesale marmalade jars. If you are making marmalade on a grand scale, either because you have a large family who absolutely love to eat marmalade; because you are making marmalade for an event such as for wedding or party favours; or indeed if you are running a small business selling home-made preserves, check out our wholesale conditions.

Wholesale marmalade jars purchase conditions

Our wholesale conditions are designed to help small businesses but are available to anyone who completes the minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery. Wholesale orders are for pallet-sized quantities but can be made up of a mixture of any of our products in box quantities, which makes packaging and delivery easier. Shipping prices are quoted by the pallet and will be calculated on an individual order basis.

Our wholesale prices offer a significant discount on the usual price and are available by contacting our helpful and friendly team on or by calling 01477 537224. Payment must be completed before orders are dispatched and delivery usually takes place within seven days.

Wholesale marmalade jars versus bulk buy bargain packs

At our prices a £450 order is a lot of jars! If you are looking to make marmalade or other preserves on a large scale but don’t need pallets of jars, we offer bargain packs at a very attractive price. Each pack contains 192 jars plus lids and offers a genuine saving on the individual jar prices. All of our most popular jars are available to bulk buy, with the range including basic jars and more decorative and unusual options.

We are also happy to create custom mixed bargain packs for customers with specific requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk through your jar needs and perhaps get a few helpful ideas from our experienced and knowledgeable team! To keep costs low, bargain packs are available at our usual flat rate of postage.

Remember that a number of our jars and bottles are available in packs of 35 and even 48 units in some cases, so there are still quantity discounts to be had on smaller orders. The policy at Wares of Knutsford is that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. This is particularly so because orders are subject to a flat rate of postage so you don’t have to worry about mounting delivery costs as your basket gets heavier. We find that this makes us happy marmalade jar suppliers and makes you happy customers.

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A New Year, A New Set of Seasons – Are You Prepared?

jar supplier

Are you the kind of person who prepares everything in their life right down to the last detail? Or are you more laid back, letting things play out in their own way? When it comes to cooking it can help to organise things in advance. For example working around seasonal produce is not only healthier and more environmentally friendly, it’s also a cheaper way to eat – but it does mean working to nature’s schedule a little bit, and this means preserving. Preserving encompasses not only jams and marmalades but also pickles, chutneys, curds and dried or frozen produce. Plan your year by working out what produce is in season at what time and how you will use it. Prepare in advance by buying wholesale jars and working out how many you will need for each preserving session – red fruits and berries in summer, pickles and chutneys in autumn, marmalades in winter and so on.

Wholesale jar supplier

As a specialist jar supplier, we at Wares of Knutsford like to help our customers save money where possible, so we offer our most popular products on a wholesale basis. This can mean pallet sized quantities for small businesses or our bargain packs, which offer discounts for buying in bulk. If you want to buy in large quantities we offer wholesale terms and conditions which include a minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery. Items will be supplied on pallets and in box sized quantities for easy packaging and delivery. Please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly staff to discuss your wholesale needs.

Bargain pack jar supplier

If you don’t want to buy wholesale jars but do enjoy a good bargain, buying in bulk offers a good discount on the standard price. 43 of our most popular products are available as bargain packs, which include 192 jars with lids. You can buy spice jars, cosmetics jars, various sizes of jam jars, hexagonal jars, square jars, honey jars, chutney jars and octagonal jars in bargain packs. They are usually bought by serious preservers, small businesses, people using jars as wedding favours or for other events or by groups of friends who are coming together to save money buying in bulk. We are also pleased to make up custom packs if our current selection doesn’t offer exactly what you are looking for. If you are planning your preserving year you can buy a bargain pack and use the jars throughout the seasons to save money compared to buying as you go.

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Small Bottles Wholesale

small bottles wholesale

Our small bottles selection is ideal for small amounts of ingredients, samples, essential oils or wedding and party favours. Businesses or those who have large amount of people to cater for should consider buying wholesale for a discount on our usual price. Wholesale conditions are available to anyone – businesses or individuals – buying in pallet sized quantities. The minimum order value is £450, excluding VAT and delivery. To be considered small, bottles hold 100ml or less and our selection includes a variety of shapes, sizes and closure methods. Bottles can be bought in packs of six, 12, 24 or 36 or, for our most popular models, in bargain packs of 192 bottles, and your order can be made up of any one particular style or bottle or a mixture of any of our products in boxed quantities for ease of packing. Delivery charges for small bottles wholesale orders are calculated on an individual basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Coloured glass small bottles wholesale

Coloured glass bottles are often used for cosmetic and aromatherapy products, as the tint in the glass helps to protect the contents from being degraded by UV light. Bottles are available in amber, blue and green glass and in sizes including 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50ml. Coloured glass bottles come with screw caps or dropper tops, which are ideal for dispensing essential oils in small quantities.

Decorative small bottles wholesale

If you are making favours or giving gifts, you should take a look at some of our more decorative bottles, such as the elegant Gladstone bottle, in 50ml size in clear glass with a cork top. This bottle is ideal for small amounts of lotions and potions. You can create a similar effect with the 100ml Nocturne or Sonata bottles, also both with cork tops. Small businesses find our 70ml or 80ml swing top bottles very useful, such as hotels and hostelries serving sauces in small amounts. There are also more basic, square sauce bottles for the same purpose.

Our bottles selection also includes a number of models particularly suitable for presenting oils, such as the 100ml, Marasca or Dorica oil bottles. The 100ml glass Ravello, Esmeralda and Opera bottles also look great filled with delicate coloured oils and vinegars.

50ml miniature whisky bottles are great for making up parcels or hampers with cocktail ingredients or to give samples of liqueurs.

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UK Bottle Wholesaler

bottle wholesaler

At Wares of Knutsford we pride ourselves upon our personal service, but that doesn’t mean we only deal with individuals – we are happy to hear from private customers, businesses or even groups who want to get together to order bottles wholesale in order to receive discounts. To this end, we have developed a wholesale price list for those who are placing orders in larger quantities.

Wares of Knutsford, bottle wholesaler

Our wholesale prices take advantage of economies of scale by offering you lower prices on larger orders. Customers who buy bottles wholesale are usually businesses, serious preservers or friends placing a group order to take advantage of discounted prices. Our wholesale terms are available when you buy in pallet sized quantities, with a minimum order value of £450 excluding VAT and delivery charges. Shipping will be calculated on an individual order basis.

Your order can be made up of any mixture of our products in box quantities for easier packaging and delivery. Wholesale orders are usually received within seven days of payment and are available UK-wide.

If you want to buy in bulk but don’t need enough items to complete wholesale terms, we are particularly proud of our bulk buy deals. These are available for most of our core products and contain 192 jars or bottles, usually with accompanying lids. They offer great savings upon the standard price and are available at our usual flat postage rate. If you require a mixture of items, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a custom mixed pack, a service we have been offering for many years to help customers to fulfill a more complicated shopping list at value prices. Both of these options are great for those who preserve in large quantities or are organising an event such as a wedding or shower and are making personalised favours.

Why buy from a bottle wholesaler?

Whether you have a complicated business order to make or are a preserving novice, Wares of Knutsford, as a bottle wholesaler, has a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at your disposal. We can not only help you to choose the right jars and bottles for your needs but are also pleased to help you with gift, recipe and decorating ideas! We have noticed that our customers use their jars and bottles in incredibly creative ways, which we love to hear about and then share with others, so if your imagination is running dry, check out our blog or get in contact for inspiration.

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Globe Jars Wholesale

globe jars

Talented crafters should take a look at our wholesale conditions in the run up to Christmas – if you have large volumes to make, Wares of Knutsford can supply jars at wholesale prices.

Bulk buy globe jars

At Wares of Knutsford we like to think we offer the best and widest selection of jars on the internet. We know that our customers use our jars in many wondrous ways apart from food storage, including various clever crafts. This is a great way to create unique and budget friendly Christmas gifts and now is the time to start preparing for the holiday season. Stock up on jars of all sorts of shapes and sizes at wholesale prices, which are available for pallet sized quantities and for minimum orders of £450.00. If you are buying for commercial purposes or simply want to get together with friends to share a discount, wholesale prices offer welcome savings to individuals or businesses in the UK. You can make up a wholesale order of any particular product, such as clip top globe jars, or you can make up your order from a mixture of any of our products in box quantities.

Using globe jars for Christmas crafts

Globe shaped jars make wonderful modern snow globes. Create your snowy scene on the lid of the jar by gluing ornaments to the lid – a typical Christmas scene might include a fir tree, a reindeer, Father Christmas and a sack of gifts, for example. Leave the glue to dry for at least 24 hours to make sure your ornaments are secure on their base. Now turn your attention to the jar. Add a spoonful of white or silver glitter to the empty jar, then fill it almost to the top with distilled water and add about five drops of glycerin to the mixture. Screw on the lid and watch the ‘snow’ glitter fall on your winter scene!

You can also use the jars to make mega hot chocolate gifts – simply fill the jars about halfway with a mixture of good quality hot chocolate powder and finely grated dark chocolate. Lay two chocolate mint squares on top and fill the rest of the jar with mini marshmallows. Add a pretty label detailing how to make up the drink.

You can also make pretty winter luminaries out of jars – use a white glass pen to paint snowflakes or other winter motifs on the outside of the jars, then pour salt into the jars to about an inch up the side. Place a tealight onto the salt ‘snow’ and use to create a Christmassy atmosphere.

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Sale Corner

special offers

Here at Wares of Knutsford we love a bargain! While we pride ourselves upon value for money with all of our products, we believe in special offers and discounts to help our customers out or to promote a range of products which we’re particularly enthusiastic about. This month there are discounts available on some great items.

This month’s special offers – crafter starter packs.

Our crafters’ starter packs contain bottle selections suitable for all sorts of crafting and culinary uses. The packs represent a great deal compared to buying bottles separately. If you don’t need all 18 of the bottles, you might consider getting together with friends to split the cost while still taking advantage of the lower price.

Crafter starter pack 1 contains 18 small bottles – 6 x 50ml miniature whisky bottles, 6 x 30ml tiny bottles and 6 x 60ml Frantorini bottles. This has been a popular selection with our customers, and the variety uses to which the bottles have been put is spectacular. Crafter starter pack 2 also contains 8 bottles, but in more decorative form and with cork stoppers. The selection includes 6 x 100ml Ravello bottles, 6 x 50ml Gladstone bottles and 6 x 40ml Esmeralda bottles. One of our customers let us know that her nine year old used these bottles for her Harry Potter themed party, labelled and filled with potions. What a brilliant way to set the scene!

Special offers this month on Natural Elements stoneware

This month we have a casserole dish, medium bowl and large rectangular roaster by Natural Elements with 20% off. The items are in fresh apple green with cream detailing which would work in a rustic or modern classic style kitchen and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. The attractive stoneware is ideal from oven to table for cooking and elegant serving.

This month we are also discounting a set of six x 450ml Mason drinking jars. The heavyweight glass drinks container is a funky and modern way to present cocktails and soft drinks. The jars come open topped but lids can be bought separately. The sale spotlight also falls upon a a useful large plastic sweet jar in2470ml size, great for storage in the kitchen or elsewhere around the house. The jars come with red plastic screw tops and can be bought singly.

Don’t forget to check the sale corner regularly for new discounts and special offers, as the department is updated regularly!

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Jars and Bottles Posted Worldwide

bottles and jars worldwide

Wares of Knutsford loves to promote traditional British values and products but is happy to accept that preserving goes on outside the UK! Shopping at our online store is not limited to UK customers, as we post our jars and bottles worldwide. If you live abroad, you can then embark upon a preserving adventure with some more exotic fare – paraguayo or nispero jam in Spain, or Moroccan preserved lemons, for example!

Delivery costs to send bottles and jars worldwide

While Wares of Knutsford cannot apply the same flat rate postage charge when delivering bottles and jars worldwide as we do in the UK, we do our best to keep international delivery charges fair and affordable so that customers can enjoy our products all over the world. Products are dispatched using our Couriers DPD with the DPD Classic Service, with charges starting at £12.00 for large boxes weighing up to 20 kilos.

Delivery charges are separated into zones for European destinations, with zone 1 including Belgium, France and Germany, and zone 2 including Switzerland, Austria and Denmark for example. Zone 5 is the most expensive, including Greece and the Greek Islands, Latvia, Iceland, Romania and Norway. If your order contains more than one box or weighs more than 30 kilos, a shipping price will be calculated on an individual basis and you will be supplied with a quote before dispatch.

Delivery to other international destinations will be quoted for on an order by order basis and a quotation will be supplied prior to dispatch.

Customs charges on international delivery

We attempt to notify customers in advance if we are aware that a customs charge will be applied to any international delivery. However in certain destinations it is not possible to calculate tax in advance but we can ask our couriers to provide further information upon request.

Packaging for posting bottles and jars worldwide

We make every effort to package out products carefully so that they survive the delivery process intact. This is even more important for international postage, so thorough care is taken to protect all goods sent abroad. We also pride ourselves upon our customer service so if a breakage should occur, please contact us to arrange for replacements or a refund.

We cannot provide overnight delivery on international orders but we do aim to dispatch all orders within two days, stock permitting, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can begin your preserving adventure!

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Wholesale Bottles

wholesale bottles

At Wares of Knutsford we believe in making the shopping process as simple and stress free as possible, whether you are a private customer or are buying wholesale bottles and jars.

Who buys wholesale bottles?

We are happy to fill large orders for businesses, for people getting together in a group with friends to save money by placing a bulk order or for serious preservers who plan to fill a lot of jars or bottles.

We can supply wholesale bottles, jars and a range of other preserving and kitchen equipment to businesses dealing with food and drink, cosmetics and aromatherapy, hospitality, gifts or other retailers. We can supply miniature jars and bottles to be filled as samplers to give away right up to large storage jars. It doesn’t matter how small or large your enterprise is, as long as you meet the terms and conditions for bottles wholesalers.

If you can’t fill a pallet but still want to buy a large quantity, take a look at our bulk buy deals. These are bargain packs of 192 bottles or jars and offer genuine savings to smaller business, serious preservers or friends who want to buy as a group to get a better price.

We try to make our website as clear and easy to navigate as possible so products are organised into departments, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, or you are looking for something special which you would like us to source, please do contact us.

Wholesale bottles and jars terms and conditions

We are pleased to supply wholesale prices for those buying in by the pallet-load. To comply with bottles wholesalers conditions your order must reach a minimum value of £450.00, excluding VAT and shipping. Delivery prices for large orders will be calculated on an individual pallet basis.

While our wholesale prices are designed for businesses, they are equally available to anyone who wishes to order in larger quantities. Bulk orders come in boxes for easy packaging and delivery, and a pallet can be made up of any mixture of boxes – jars, bottles, enamelware or anything else that takes your fancy from our website.

When you have placed an order under wholesale terms we will supply you with a pro-forma invoice, which must be paid in full before the order is dispatched. Where possible and stock permitting, we try to arrange for delivery of all orders within seven days.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly staff with any questions or if you’d like to be sent a wholesale price list.

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Glass Bottles Wholesale

glass bottles wholesale

At Wares of Knutsford, we like to think our glass bottle range is huge, amazing and the best on the internet. We work hard to make sure we have a bottle for every need, and we love to hear about how our customers use them. While creative wedding favours are always interesting to hear about, we also love to know that people are buying our glass bottles wholesale, to help them turn their hobby or passion into a business endeavour.

Glass bottles wholesale for small businesses

With sizes starting at a tiny 5ml and going up to 1840ml, all bases are covered. There are bottles of various different styles for drinks, sauces, oils, cosmetics and aromatherapy. There are basic, functional bottles and beautiful, decorative numbers. Apart from clear glass there are traditional amber and green glass bottles and bright, modern colours. Depending upon the model you choose, bottles can be bought individually or in varying pack sizes including, in some cases, bargain bulk buy packs of 192. These are particularly useful for small business who may not yet be ready to buy wholesale glass bottles.

Miniature bottles are particularly popular with small start ups, allowing business owners to give out sample sizes of their product for potential customers to test – this way your product becomes its own best advertisement!

There is also a helpful section for spare bottle tops, corks and caps.

Buying glass bottles wholesale

Wholesale prices are available to anyone buying in pallet quantities or a minimum order of £450. Shipping is quoted on a per order basis and is charged by the pallet. What’s really helpful is that your pallet can be comprised of any mixture of bottles and jars, in box quantities for easy packaging and delivery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff for more details and a wholesale price list. Our email address is and our telephone number is 01477 537224. A pro forma invoice will be issued once your order details are confirmed and your goods will be dispatched once paid in full. We try to make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible and orders are usually delivered within seven days.

When you received your bottles and start using them, please do send us pictures as our staff and customers like to see how they can be decorated and presented!

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Product of the Month – 190ml Deluxe Versatile Jar

versatile jar

If you’re looking for jam jars that are as sturdy and practical as they are attractive then the Wares of Knutsford Product of the Month is the ideal choice.

The 190ml Deluxe Food/Jam Jar is a versatile jar that is perfect for a whole host of contents and would look great in your kitchen – or in someone else’s.

The ideal versatile jar

This versatile jar could be filled with a multitude of jams, marmalades or pickles. The choice of coloured lids that accompany it just add to its appeal and make it the perfect pick if you plan to give your homemade goodies away as gifts, or even to sell them. The lids fit much better than many of the products from other suppliers and their appearance is such that there will be no doubt as to their quality – or the effort you have put into making your creation. They are heat sealable and vinegar proof, ensuring that the contents will stay in perfect condition for months to come.

As well as preserves and pickles, this 63mm jar could be filled with sweets, chocolates, homemade fudge or other goodies. It would also be the ideal holder for wedding favours or as the base for an original table decoration at an important event.

A versatile jar available in versatile quantities

You can choose how many of the 190ml jars you need or want as they are available in packs of between 12 and 192. Just remember, however, that the more you buy, the better value they become. Even in the smaller quantities, they are superb value for the quality of the product but you can get even more for your money the bigger you buy.

Their modern appearance has made them a firm favourite with Wares of Knutsford customers and helped gain them the title of product of the month. The 63mm lids’ colours – whether plain or checked – are easy to coordinate with your own choice of ribbons or other decorations, to provide a truly unique touch, and their straight sides ensure that labelling is never an issue.

Even blindfolded, however, you could be in no doubt as to the quality of this versatile 8cm tall jar. Its heavyweight glass fills you with confidence and gives the impression that only the best products have been used to create what lies within. If you’re looking for a great value glass jar that delivers on performance and appearance, you have just found your perfect product.

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Wholesale Bottles

wholesale bottles

With any luck, small business will enjoy a busy and successful Christmas this year, leaving them seriously in need of replenishing stock come January.If you need to bulk buy bottles, Wares of Knutsford is pleased to offer wholesale prices on its huge range, making our already attractive prices even more affordable.

Conditions for buying wholesale bottles

Whether you are an established business or are simply hoping to take your hobby to a professional level, Wares of Knutsford can supply a massive range of wholesale bottles to showcase your products. You can bulk buy bottles in bargain packs of 192 if you are not yet ready for wholesale quantities, but once you have reached the stage of ordering a pallet or more at a time, don’t hesitate to contact us for a wholesale price list.

Wholesale conditions require a minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT. Delivery will be priced per order and charged by the pallet. You can complete a pallet with any mixture of bottles or jars, which are neatly and safely packed in boxes. When you place an order we will supply a proforma invoice, to be paid in full to secure the dispatch of your order. We aim to achieve delivery within seven days, even for large and complicated orders.

Wholesale bottles range

Wares of Knutsford supplies bottles suitable for drinks, sauces, condiments, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There are glass bottles in a range of different colours and a wide choice of lids and plastic options with press cap or screw top lids. Basic shapes of wine, beer and water bottles are complemented by a selection of more decorative bottles and sizes range from a miniature 5ml up to demijohn. Spare caps and tops of various kinds are available too, including screw caps, corks, swing stoppers, pouring spouts, droppers and crown caps (plus a capper device).

There are a number of different pack sizes, so you can make up the contents of your pallets exactly according to your needs, and include some miniature bottles to provide samples, if you need to. We have searched far and wide to be able to provide what we believe is the best and most comprehensive range of bottles on the internet, but if you can’t find what you are looking for on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will try to track it down for you.

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10% off Kitchenwares

Kitchenware sale

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for Christmas gifts, now is an excellent time to buy at Wares of Knutsford, with a special kitchenware sale of 10% running until 12th December.

Kitchenware sale for Christmas

Christmas preparations inevitably involve a certain amount of cooking. Whether you pride yourself upon your abundant table, Nigella-style, or reluctantly knock out a few mince pies at the last minute, you can make this task easier by using the right tools for the job. Wares of Knutsford’s baking equipment section has all the requisite baking tins, cutters, rolling pins, mixing bowls, pudding basins and other essential kit, and for now the already reasonable prices are 10% cheaper!

If you’re going the whole hog and producing a traditional Christmas cake, there are plenty of cake baking and icing tools for the job, including cake boards, cake lifters, cake testers, icing modelling tools and other specialist kit. Buy now not only to take advantage of Wares of Knutsford’s kitchenware discount, but also because you’re running out of time!

10% off kitchenware sale

Of course the Christmas season is traditionally a time for buying gifts for others rather than treating yourself. If you’re running out of ideas for those awkward to buy for friends and relatives, there are plenty of kitchenware gifts that could please even the hardest soul at Wares of Knustford.

Attractive oil and vinegar sets are always a popular gift – although they can be tricky to wrap! More traditionally British are the quaint Wooden Egg Wardrobe or neat Six Slice Toast Rack. This could form part of a charming breakfast set along with the White Porcelain Butter Dish – and better value than ever with a 10% discount. Modern foodie types will love the Electric Grinding Mill for pepper or salt with integral light, the Porcelain Mustard Pot or the Salt Pig. Fastidious cooks or dinner party hosts will be delighted by old fashioned niceties such as special spoons for mustard, grapefruit, jam, honey or mayonnaise. Other tool for an elegant table include neat stainless steel fish bone removers, fish scalers, fish crackers and seafood forks or a smart oyster knife.

It’s all about knowing your audience – while some of these specialist gifts are aimed at those you know to have some culinary interest, there are also some good all rounders to make your Christmas shopping both easy and affordable.

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Buy Large Glass Jars Online

Large glass jars

Wares of Knutsford offers the widest range of large glass jars online. Whatever your preserving habits, there are large jam jars and other kinds of bottles and jars to suit your needs, plus a good choice of lids and stoppers and spare parts when you need them.

Large glass jars by Kilner, Mason and Leifheit

Mason, Kilner and Leifheit are all big names in the world of large jam jars, known for their quality and attractiveness. Kilner jars come in clear glass embossed with the familiar logo. The gold coloured metal screw top comes in two parts – the heat sealable separate sealing disc and a screw band to hold it in place. These are perfect for bottling vegetables and fruits and are available in 250ml – sold in packs of six,12 or 18, 500ml and 1 litre sizes, both sold in packs of six. The 500ml Kilner handled jar matches the rest of the range but comes without a lid.

Mason jars also come in clear glass with a gold coloured metal sealing discs and screw band, with 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre sizes, all sold in packs of six, 12 or 18. The 250ml size can also be bought with red gingham check lids.

Leifheit jars come in a stylish diamond shape with an embossed logo. The 250ml jars are sold in packs of six with a heat sealable screw cap in silver coloured metal decorated with a colourful fruits pattern. The 500ml and 1 litre sizes are sold in packs of six with silver coloured metal lids with heat sealable metal discs and separate screw bands.

Spare lids are available for all three brands.

Large glass jars for terrines

The Familia Wiss range of terrine jars is made by Le Parfait and is designed for pates and conserves of all kinds, with pewter coloured lids featuring a sealing disc and separate screw band. 200, 350 and 750ml sizes are available and spare lid parts can be bought. Familia Wiss terrine jars can be bought in packs of six.

The sealing disc and screw band lid arrangement makes preserving easy, as you fill your jar, place the disc on top of your preserve then put the band on top and screw into place. It’s a clean and simple way to achieve a seal for freshness.

If you are looking for different styles of large jam jars, don’t hesitate to contact the Wares of Knutsford staff, who may be able to source them for you.

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Buy 1lb Jam Jars Online

1lb jam jars

It’s July and summer fruits abound. After you’ve eaten as many fresh strawberries, raspberries or blackcurrants as you can, the rest can be frozen or made into jam. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with a glut of any fruit and will allow you to enjoy it every day even as winter draws in, spread on toast or scones, between the layers of a Victoria sponge or in a Bakewell tart.

If you’re making jam in any quantity, Wares of Knutsford’s jar selection comes in a number of sizes, including the useful 1lb jars, with spare lids available. Remember to sterilise your jars before you fill them.

Apart from jars, Wares of Knutsford can supply any other jam making equipment you may need, such as thermometers, funnels, preserving pans, straining kits, labels, pretty jar covers and jam making recipe books or complete kits, perfect for helping you get started if you are new to preserving.

1lb jam jars

The standard 378ml or 1lb jam jars are perfect for jam or any other sort of preserving. This is a regulation size jar, ideal for shows and competitions. Straight sided and in clear glass, the 1lb jars can be bought in four pack sizes: 12, 24, 36 or a 192 jar bargain pack. Larger pack sizes are more economical – the more you buy, the cheaper they get and they don’t have to be used only for preserving – lots of our customers have been bulk buying jars to make creative wedding favours! Heat sealable, vinegar proof screw top lids are included in a choice of seven colours – gold, silver, black, white, green and classic red or blue gingham. The jars are carefully packed to make sure they arrive in perfect condition.

1lb jam jars and other sizes

The Wares of Knutsford jam jar range includes basic and deluxe options in a wide variety of sizes, from 41ml miniatures up to 725ml. While 378ml / 1lb is the conventional size for jam, you can also choose 105ml, 110ml, 125ml, 153ml, 190ml, 212ml, 228ml, 277ml, 293ml, 300ml, 435ml and 500ml. The deluxe, fancy and Bonta jars are ideal if you want to give your preserves as a gift or if you’re starting a small business.

Jars are available wholesale for business customers so don’t hesitate to contact our staff for wholesale pricing, invoicing and delivery details.

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Amber Glass Bottles Wholesale

amber glass bottles

At Wares we have a huge selection of amber jars and bottles available for a wide range of uses. Purchasing amber bottles wholesale can be an extremely cost-effective option if you require a large number of containers.

Why use amber glass bottles?

Amber glass has a number of benefits that make it a great choice for all your bottling needs. Many food and cosmetic products can be affected not only by exposure to air, but also to sunlight. UV rays from the sun are not just potentially harmful to skin but can also alter the chemical composition of a variety of products. This can affect taste and appearance, even if the items are kept away from direct sunlight. Ambient and fluorescent light can also lead to photo-oxidation or light damage. Amber glass filters out the UV rays, protecting your food and cosmetics from exposure and extending the shelf-life of these products. Many medicines are stored in amber glass bottles for this reason. Amber or brown glass is also traditionally used in when bottling beer. Using stoppered swing top bottles or those sealed with metal crown lids will not only give your homebrew a charming old-fashioned look but will also protect it from possible alterations to the flavour due to photochemistry.

Amber glass bottles for cosmetics

One of the most common uses for amber glass is in the packaging of cosmetics and aromatherapy products. Many of these use essential oils which are profoundly affected by exposure to sunlight and can easily lose efficacy. In addition, using glass minimises the risk of potentially harmful chemicals from plastic containers seeping into the products. Small 20ml amber glass bottles are perfect for storing precious essential oils. Those incorporating a dropper with a glass pipette and rubber are ideal for accurate measuring of the oils for aromatherapy treatments. Larger lotion or medicine bottles are a fantastic option for the safe storage of oils such as sweet almond, used as a carrier oil for a variety of skin treatments. Large 500ml screw top cosmetic jars are useful for face creams or body moisturisers whilst miniature 30ml amber jars are perfect for lip balms.

In addition to being tough and reusable, amber glass is perfect for protecting consumables and cosmetic products that might otherwise be damaged or impaired by exposure to excessive sunlight. Purchase amber bottles wholesale for a great value solution to your glass container requirements.

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Bulk Jar and Bottle Supplier

buy bulk jars

Glass jars and bottles can be used for a huge variety of domestic and commercial purposes, providing handy receptacles for a wide range of products. Rather than buying these individually, Wares offer some fantastic bulk glass bottles and jars packages. These offer substantial discounts on single purchases, representing great value. These orders can be custom packed according to your specifications to ensure your exact requirements are met.

Buy bulk jars for preserving

Preserving food and making jam are excellent ways to enjoy seasonal fruit throughout the entire year. Our bargain packs of glass bottles and jars are perfect for storing all your culinary creations. Each pack consists of 192 pieces, including lids. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes available, from miniature lidded jam jars through to larger jars and bottles ideal for pickling vegetables and preserving fruits. Hexagonal jars are popular for chutneys and relishes whilst the distinctive shape of our Bonne Maman jars gives your preserves an attractive artisan look. Verrine jars are ideally-shaped for pate or fruit cheese and smart enough to serve straight at the table. If you run a catering business producing handmade delicacies, purchasing our bulk packs of jars and bottles will guarantee you substantial savings. In addition you can buy bulk jars in a wide choice of styles, you can choose the colour of your lids from a varied section, including metallic, coloured and traditional gingham designs.

Buy bulk jars for other creative projects

Our glass jars and bottles are not just useful for preserving. Miniature globe clip top jars make unusual containers for all your herbs and spices. If you are running a school fete, large glass jars are invaluable for the always-popular sweet tombola. Our cosmetic jars are available in clear or amber tints and are ideally suited for products such as face creams or lip balms. We also supply bulk packs of bottles in an appealing assortment of designs. Miniature whisky bottles make lovely wedding favours or table decorations. Just fill them with a celebrated local spirit or your favourite liqueur for a delightful gift for your guests. UK mainland delivery is just £6.95, regardless of the size of your order, offering you great value alongside excellent customer service.

Buying bulk glass bottles or jars from Wares not only saves you money but allows you to individually tailor your package to suit your specific requirements. All our packs can be customised to suit your needs so contact Wares to discuss your request for custom packed bulk orders.

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