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Plastic Jars for Home Storage

Plastic Jars for Home Storage

Variety Chinese New Year cookies in plastic jars

With the nights drawing in and Christmas approaching, many of us start to think about getting ready for the festive season. For some, this brings a feeling of panic about having to declutter the house and have a good old tidy-up before the in-laws arrive for Christmas lunch. If your kitchen looks like it needs a decluttering makeover, help is at hand. Today, we explain how to get organised in simple steps so that you can tackle your clutter in an effective way.

Plastic jars are the answer

Are you sometimes afraid to open a kitchen cupboard for fear of packets of food falling out onto the floor? Do you despair when trying to find the stock cubes or a packet of sultanas on your shelves? The answer to this common problem is to organise the contents of your kitchen cupboards using plastic jars and storage containers.

If you use a range of plastic jars to store items such as flour, sugar, cereals, pasta and biscuits, it makes it easy to keep everything neatly arranged. Plastic sweet jars, such as the ones we used to see in the sweet shop when we were small, are ideal for kitchen storage. It is easy to spot at a glance what is in each jar; in addition, they sit neatly side by side on your shelves, maximising space. With screw top lids, plastic sweet jars are airtight and will keep their contents fresh and safe from harmful germs.

For smaller items, simply use smaller jars and stack them on top of one another to keep everything in order. Buy different coloured lids to build a colour-coded system to help find the right jar quickly. Try to place similar items together on the shelves to make finding things as easy as possible; for example, store all your home baking supplies together, all pasta items together, and all herbs and spices together.

Our range of plastic jars

We have a huge range of plastic sweet jars to help you get your kitchen clutter under control. The traditional large sweet shop jars are available in 3,907ml and 4,430ml sizes, whilst the half-sized, square jars come in 2,534ml and 2,667ml sizes. Our spherical plastic PET jars are also hugely popular as child-friendly biscuit containers. As they are plastic, they stand up to wear and tear and can survive being knocked off the counter by eager biscuit hunters!

Plastic storage works well elsewhere in the house, of course. Try these techniques in the bathroom, the children’s playroom or a craft or hobby room for an instant tidiness overhaul.

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Plastic jars for the play room

Plastic jars for the play room 

Building Blocks and Jar on White Background

If you have children, you are no doubt familiar with the piles of toys, teddies and favourite playthings that seem to multiply before your very eyes and creep out again minutes after you have tidied them away for the nineteenth time in an afternoon. Larger toys are not quite such a problem, but tiny items such as Lego bricks, toy cars, jigsaw pieces and farm animals seem to have a knack of getting everywhere, and getting lost all too often. If only there was a way to get everything organised in an easy-to-use system that was fun and safe for children!

Plastic jars to the rescue

If the picture described above sounds familiar and you are desperate to find a way to keep all those pesky toys together, look no further than our range of plastic jars with lids. Safe and durable, these jars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can hold quite an amount of play room items. With brightly-coloured lids and clear plastic bodies, these jars are the ideal solution for storing all those jigsaw pieces, crayons, Nerf gun cartridges, toy cars, loom bands, or whatever toys your children are currently taken with.

The great thing about using plastic storage jars in the play room is that they won’t break if they get knocked over or dropped, and they are perfectly safe. Even in the toughest conditions of the rowdiest play room, these jars will survive!

Another fabulous thing about using plastic jars with lids in this way is that they are so easy to clean. We all know that no matter how hard you try, children will find mess and mayhem in every corner. If your toy storage jars ever look a little grubby, it is a breeze to give them a quick wipe over or rinse out and return them to looking as good as new.

Plastic jars in all shapes and sizes

Our plastic jars with lids come in a wide range of sizes, starting at the small end with a 200ml plastic jar and going right up to a whopping 4,430ml slimline jar. The chubby 500ml plastic PET jar would be great for storing crayons or colouring pencils, for example, whilst the largest jar would look awesome filled with toy cars or Lego.

There are so many other sizes available that you are bound to find exactly the right jar for any toy storage job you have. Check out the range today and organise your play room once and for all!

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Plastic jars for fun

Plastic jars for fun

We might be best known for our huge range of glass jars in all shapes and sizes, but here at Wares of Knutsford, we also carry quite an array of plastic jars. Glass jars are what you need if you are making jams, pickles and preserves, of course, but sometimes a plastic jar is much more suitable. In today’s post, we cast our eyes across our plastic jar range and suggest some ideas for how these versatile and durable jars can be used.

Plastic jars in the playroom 

drawing pencils in glass jar on pastel background

If you have children, you will be familiar with the issue of constantly finding small toys or toy parts around the house. Whether it is Lego bricks, Nerf gun bullets, racing cars or farmyard animals, children have a habit of strewing their bits and bobs in every conceivable place. With a few of our larger plastic storage jars, it is easy to tidy up after them, perhaps with a jar allocated to each type of toy. Stacked on a shelf in the playroom or your children’s bedrooms, these jars will look good and work hard to help you keep the mayhem to a minimum.

In addition to toy storage, a tall plastic PET jar can work brilliantly as a container for pens, pencils and crayons. Children will soon get the hang of putting their colouring materials away after they have been drawing or working on a colouring book, and you will be instilling some good habits for keeping their belongings safe and tidy.

Plastic jars for adult hobbies 

Glass jar containing various colored thread on yellow background

It is not just children who tend to have bits and bobs lying around that could do with a tidy up. Any adult with a hobby will definitely find a few storage containers useful for getting organised. Whether you have a man cave or a she shed that you retreat to when you need some peace and quiet, some plastic storage will help you to keep this space neat and tidy and a relaxing place to be. Use plastic containers and jars to store everything from sewing or knitting materials to woodworking tools and craft equipment. Our slimline PET jars are tall enough to hold crochet hooks and knitting needles, while our 425ml clear plastic PET jars are great to fill with sewing needles, thread, buttons and small scissors to place around the house as emergency sewing kits.

If your child’s room, or your own craft room for that matter, looks like a missile has hit it, perhaps it is time to consider some storage jars!

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Storing in Plastic Jars

Plastic sweet jar taylor davisPlastic Jars are fantastic for storage

 In today’s post, we take a look at plastic storage jars and the many ways in which they can be utilised to de-clutter your home and keep it neat and tidy. Plastic jars might not look very exciting; however, once you have used them to get super-organised, you will be convinced of their charms and determined to use them whenever and wherever you can.

 Plastic jars for the kitchen

 Starting in the kitchen, there are all sorts of ways in which plastic storage can help to keep everything tidy. Rice, pasta and beans all store well in plastic containers; in addition, storing them in this way means that you avoid the ‘split pack’ problem. Use plastic jars with lids for this purpose so that the food is kept in airtight conditions.

 Sweets and biscuits are also best stored in plastic jars with lids to prevent them going stale for as long as possible. If you need to keep cookie jars out of reach of little hands, these jars can safely be stored on a high shelf, or on top of the fridge, without fear of them breaking should they be dropped.

 Plastic jars for the rest of the house

 It is not just in the kitchen that these jars come in incredibly handy. They are so versatile that they can be used in pretty much every room in the house. In the bathroom, use them for storing cotton buds, cotton wool balls and hair grips; in the children’s playroom, larger jars are perfect for holding toy parts, such as Lego, farmyard animals and jigsaw pieces, and for colouring pens and pencils. If you are forever knocking over a bag of pet food in the utility room, pour it all into one of our larger plastic jars with lids and you will solve the problem once and for all.

 Out in the shed or greenhouse, there are plenty of reasons to choose plastic storage jars. From storing nails, screws and tacks to keeping twine and plant labels close to hand, a few storage jars on a shelf will keep everything tidy and banish the annoying issue of never being able to find what you need.

 It is easy to think that plastic storage jars are just for the kitchen; however, whilst it is true that they are very handy there, they are just as useful in lots of other places around the home. If you take a good look at your organisational problems, you will soon find that plastic storage can go a long way to fixing them. Plastic is very definitely fantastic!


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Using Plastic Jars

plastic jar yellow top Using Plastic Jars

When it comes to storage jars, most people would agree that glass jars add a certain charm to the kitchen or pantry, especially if they are traditional Kilner or Mason jars or vintage-inspired decorative jars. Sometimes, however, a plastic jar is simply more practical for a particular application. In today’s post, we look through our range of plastic storage jars and discuss the various uses these jars are suitable for.

Plastic jars for safety

 One big advantage of plastic storage jars is that they are much safer to handle than glass jars. With little ones running around the kitchen, using one of these jars as a cookie jar is a great idea, as children can safely reach up and get a cookie or biscuit without the risk of tipping over a heavy glass jar and breaking it. The 1,823ml size would be a good option for use as a cookie jar, while the slightly smaller 1,000ml jar could perhaps serve a similar purpose and hold wafers or sweet treats.

 If you are a dog owner and you like to keep dog treats available, one of the smaller jars would again be suitable. The screw top lid means that Fido will not be able to help himself to treats, while the clear plastic means you can see how many treats you have left.

 Plastic jars for storage

 When it comes to storing liquids, plastic jars can really come into their own. If you make a large batch of homemade soup, for example, a large plastic jar is perfect to store it in the fridge. Juices and smoothies can also be made up in bulk and then stored in a large plastic jar to have at hand throughout the day. Plastic storage jars can also safely go in the freezer; therefore, if your homemade liquid creations can be frozen, plastic is the right choice for you.

 If your pantry cupboards look permanently untidy, with split bags of pasta and spilt rice everywhere, some plastic storage jars could sort everything out in double-quick time. Pouring pasta, rice and flour into their own airtight storage jars will keep them fresh and tidy. Herbs and spices can also be stored in this way – traditional spice jars can often be too small, especially if you buy your spices from an ethnic supermarket where pack sizes tend to be much larger.

 Plastic storage jars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can find exactly the right jars for everything you need to store.


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Wholesale Plastic Jars

wholesale plastic jars

There are a number of steps you can take to streamline your small business this year, such as setting up efficient supply chains. Wares of Knutsford can help you with this. If your business is producing food or cosmetics, Wares of Knutsford offers glass and plastic jars wholesale, plus a wide range of bottles and other kitchen equipment.

The wholesale plastic jars range

Wares of Knutsford’s plastic jars range includes models suitable from small ingredients storage and larger models with display presence. Plastic versions can be found of most of our glass jars, such as round, clear cosmetics jars, clip top jars and Victorian style jars with a domed lid.

Plastic jars are a safer option than glass in a number of cases but they can look as good. High quality PET plastic is sturdy but light, so it’s easy to transport and clean. At Wares of Knutsford you can choose wholesale plastic jars with various styles and colours of screw on lid, and shapes including round, square and spherical jars which can sit on their sides for a traditional sweet shop feel and easy access.

Sizes include small, 200ml jars going right up to 4430ml super sized jars and various different pack sizes are available. There are plastic jars available for all sorts of storage needs, whether you simply want to organise your kitchen or are setting up a sweet shop or craft shop.

Wholesale plastic jars buying terms

At Wares of Knutsford we welcome business clients and private customers. Whether you are simply an enthusiastic home cook or crafter, are buying with friends to take advantage of economies of scale, are trying to turn your hobby into a commercial venture or are a well established business, we can offer you wholesale prices.

To qualify there is a minimum order value of £450, with shipping quoted on a per order basis and priced by the pallet. Your pallet(s) can be comprised of any mixture of Wares products, which are supplied in box quantities for easy packaging.

Contact our friendly and helpful staff to discuss your wholesale requirements and to receive a wholesale price list. Once an order is placed you will receive a pro-forma invoice and orders will be dispatched upon receipt of payment.

If you are not quite ready to place such a large order, you can still find a good deal with our bulk buy bargain packs, each containing 192 jars or bottles plus lids. These are sent at our usual flat postage rate which makes them great value for money.

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