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Mini labels for small jars and bottles

Mini labels for small jars and bottles mini label 2

Whilst some people believe that big is best, there are plenty of others who prefer the idea of the best things coming in small packages. When it comes to homemade gifts, we think smaller items work particularly well. Instead of giving a whopping 2lb jar of marmalade or chutney, for example, why not create a group of three smaller jars of preserves? These will look fabulous as a gift set. In today’s blog post, we offer some ideas for home preserve gift sets and show how the right jam jar labels can make all the difference.

Mini labels make small jars look fabulous  mini label 3

If you are planning to make gifts of your jams, pickles and chutneys, presentation is almost as important as the flavour of the preserve. A secondhand jam jar with a hastily written computer label on the front looks like you have hastily cast around in the pantry for something to give as a present, whereas a beautifully presented set of three mini jars, each with a different tempting preserve inside and loving labelled with just the right jam jar labels, will show the recipient that you have spent time and effort creating something lovely and unique.

A trio of hedgerow preserves makes an interesting and unusual gift – try one pot of crab apple jelly, one pot of apple and blackberry jam, and one pot of rowan jelly. Choose some of our lovely mini jam jars and set these off perfectly with some colourful mini jam jar labels. To top the whole gift off, why not pop the three jars into one of our gift bags or boxes for the perfect presentation?

Our range of mini labels

In addition to our extensive range of traditionally-sized labels, we have quite a few rather lovely mini label designs. These are perfect for smaller jars and bottles and are especially useful for wedding favours, as you would typically use quite a small jar or bottle. Some of the designs from the always-popular Rosemary’s Garden range of labels are available in mini sizes and we also carry tiny labels featuring a Union Jack design and a design shaped like a tiara, which works brilliantly for weddings.

Whatever the occasion, and whatever preserve or infusion you plan to make, do check out our label range and particularly these smaller labels. First impressions count, especially with homemade gifts, so make sure your creative gifts really make an impact and impress anyone who is lucky enough to receive one.

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Our new range of oval labels

Our new range of oval labels grandma pantry 1

Autumn is the time for pickles and preserves. An afternoon spent bottling onions, making chutney, experimenting with jams and jellies and starting some sloe gin in a dark cupboard is heaven indeed for many of us. This means it is also the ideal time to launch a gorgeous new range of jam jar labels. Today’s post is dedicated to this new line, as we want to share with you the details of these great items.

Grandma’s Pantry oval labels grandma pantry 2

Exclusive to Wares of Knutsford, the Grandma’s Pantry range uses original acrylic artwork by artist Anne Ogden. The designs in the range really get to the heart of home preserving, with just a hint of nostalgia for the good old days when our grandmas really did have pantries filled with sweet and spicy pickles and preserves.

These oval labels are 75mm x 55mm in size, with ten labels per sheet and two sheets per pack, giving you plenty of labels for each preserving project you tackle. Cleverly, the labels are peelable. This means it is a breeze to get them off once you have used the contents of the jar, making it easy to reuse your jars for other projects.

There are quite a number of different designs in the Grandma’s Pantry range of jar labels to suit a range of different preserving possibilities. For jams and jellies, there are labels featuring traditional fruits such as apples, plums and strawberries; a label set with berries; and another set with citrus fruit. For chutneys and pickles, there are labels with delicious-looking marrows, onions, tomatoes and turnips and an ‘allotment’ design featuring wellies and a trug overflowing with homegrown produce.

For those who like to create infusions, cordials and liqueurs, there are label sets that depict long, slender bottles filled with appetising liquids; for beekeepers, there is even a label for honey.

In addition to the various ‘still life’ depictions of fruit and vegetables, these gorgeous jar labels include several designs with a colourful fruity border. Again, there are options for citrus fruit, berry fruit and traditional summer garden fruit, and these labels will really add a touch of zingy colour to your jam jars.

Alternatives to our oval labels

Whilst we are more than happy to wax lyrical about our new oval jar labels, don’t forget that we have an extensive range of other label designs from which to choose. From gingham checks to spotty dots, in all sorts of fabulous colours, our range is hard to beat.

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Enhance your jam with jam jar labels

Enhance your jam with jam jar labels fruit salad label

As the saying goes, ‘manners maketh man’. It might also be true to say that ‘labels maketh jam’, as your home preserves simply won’t look their very best without a lovely label to depict the contents. In today’s post, we are going to take a look at two or three of our favourite labels from our extensive range to show just how pretty they are and how much of a difference they can make to your jams, pickles and preserves.

Our favourite jam jar labels

The choice of label for a particular preserve depends, of course, on what you are making. Many of our labels feature fruit or vegetable designs, representing what is in the jam or chutney. With raspberries in season from late May through to September, now is the time to start thinking about making some delicious raspberry jam. Choosing our gorgeously-colourful raspberry jam jar labels will mean you will know instantly what is in the jar when it is lined up alongside all your other preserving projects in the larder or kitchen cupboard. These delightful labels are part of a series created by mother and daughter team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff, with plenty of other fruit designs to choose from.

Another of our firm favourites here at Wares of Knutsford is the gingham check labels. These are available in a range of lovely colours, including periwinkle (purple), rose red, ocean blue and cornflower blue. The gingham check gives a lovely vintage-inspired feel to your jars and can be set off perfectly with gingham lids or gingham fabric covers, which are also available in store.

If you are planning to make your own pickled onions this year, what could be nicer than specially-designed labels just for pickled onions? These lovely labels feature beautifully-drawn shallots alongside all the spices you would typically add to a jar of homemade pickles. Again, small details such as these labels go a long way to presenting your home preserves in the best possible light.

Jam jar labels for smaller jars

If you like using our miniature jam jars to create individual pots of jam, our mini-jam jar labels are just the ticket; again, these are in the watercolour fruits range of labels. We have mini versions with a mixed fruit design, a garden vegetables design, and a rather charming ‘Rosemary’s Garden’ design, which features various fruits and garden creatures such as a hedgehog, a mouse and a butterfly. These mini-jam jar labels fit perfectly on all our miniature jars.

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Jam Jar Labels

WOA EBAY ROSEMARYJam jar labels with beautiful designs

 We recently attended the prestigious and rather famous Dalemain Marmalade Awards, which are held annually at Dalemain House in Cumbria. We were thrilled at the demand for our range of jam jar labels at the event, so we thought we would talk today about this range.

 We have mentioned before that you can rustle up the most delicious strawberry jam or Seville marmalade but the whole thing will be let down somewhat and won’t look as impressive as it could if you don’t present your preserves to their best advantage. Fear not, as we have a huge range of jam labels to suit all kinds of jams and preserves. Whatever style or finished look you are after, we are sure to have a label that is perfect for your jars.

 Colourful jam jar labels

 Nothing evokes a sense of fruitful abundance more than our vibrantly-decorated labels from mother and daughter team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff. These labels all feature a stunningly colourful border inspired by the watercolour art of the two artists. There are labels featuring cherries, apples and blackberries, and strawberries and raspberries, not to mention citrus fruits for jars of marmalade and mixed vegetables for chutneys and pickles.

 These labels come in packs of 18 and are 75mm x 50mm in size, which is perfect for a standard 1lb jam jar. The centre of each label is left blank for you to complete the details of your jam or chutney. With one of these labels and topped off with a pretty lid cover, your jam will look really special and will be a pleasure to give away as a gift.

 Contemporary jam jar labels

 If your tastes lean a little more towards the contemporary, we still have plenty of jam labels to choose from. Our funky union jack labels and the labels featuring a glamorous tiara are both popular choices for a modern and fun look. New to our range is a roll of dissolvable jam labels, which feature a simple but elegant flourish at the top and bottom of each label. There are 60 labels on a roll, which gives you plenty of scope for a summer filled with home preserving projects. When it comes to reusing your jars, these labels make light work of getting the old label off, as they simply dissolve in water.

 With spring already here and summer just around the corner, now is the time to get stocked up on jars and labels so that you are ready for preserving action once all those lovely fruit and vegetables come into season.


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Chutney labels

Chutney labels fruit salad label

When they start out with home preserves, most people tend to stick to making jams. As time goes by and their preserving confidence grows, keen home preserving fans start looking around for what to experiment with next. When summer fruit and vegetable growing starts to reach the glut stage, it is time to consider chutney in all its tasty and tangy varieties. In today’s blog post, we take a look at a few of our label sets that are just perfect for homemade chutneys.

Choosing your chutney labels

Whilst it might be quick and easy to simply stick a boring old printer label on your jars of chutney, they will look so much more appealing and professional if you use a nice label. We have a range of colourful labels for both jams and chutneys in a wide range of styles and designs. The Vegetable Garden label comes in two sizes, one for standard chutney jars and one for mini jars. The labels feature a colourful border of appetising vegetables around a white central panel in which you write your own details. These labels are part of a wider range of labels created by mother and daughter design team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff.

Another design in this range features some ingredients for making pickled onions – shallots, cinnamon, cloves and chillies. This label would look fantastic on your pickled onions or any onion-based chutney.

If you prefer a more subtle label, the Garden Gate label is rather charming. This features a wooden gate in the background with a white sign, on which you write the details of your chutney or pickles.

Packs start at just 18 labels, but you can order as many as you need. There are cost savings for ordering larger quantities.

Not just chutney labels fruit salad label 2

We stock a huge range of other labels for all manner of preserving projects, of course. Some are specific to jams and marmalades, while others would work perfectly adorning your chutney jars and giving that special finishing touch to your homemade pickles and preserves.

If you favour a more contemporary look, why not use our Union Jack labels? These are colourful and vibrant and create a striking effect. We also stock a range of labels featuring spots and dots, pinstripes, gingham checks, and many other designs. The olive green designs would work well with chutneys; however, it is sometimes fun to mix things up a little and use whatever labels take your fancy for your preserving project.

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Jam Jar Labels Galore

Wellies label on jarJam jar labels galore

 When it comes to home preserves, you can rustle up the most amazing flavours and create the most perfectly set jams and jellies; however, if your labelling is not up to scratch, the product will not look appealing and you will be reluctant to give your preserves away as gifts or place them on the breakfast table. You don’t need to resort to a plain white printer label, as we offer a huge range of decorative labels perfect for showing off your jams, jellies and marmalades.

 Unique jam jar labels

 We are delighted to offer labels featuring the gorgeous, colourful designs of mother and daughter watercolour artists Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff through their company Words of Art. These labels typically feature a vibrant fruit design around a central white panel, in which you can write the details of the preserve you are labelling. From rich, juicy blackberries to bright, sunshine-filled oranges, the range includes all sorts of fresh and appetising fruits. Raspberries, cherries, gooseberries, lemons and limes, plums and strawberries – all these are featured on these delightful labels, and more besides.

 If you are also a chutney maker, you are also in luck. The range includes vegetable designs that are suitable for labelling jars of chutney or piccalilli, and even pickled onions.

 If you would prefer a label design that is a little more contemporary, we have plenty from which to choose, with labels featuring gingham checks, spots, pinstripe borders, and even funky union jack designs.

 One of our quirkier labels for jam jars features a colourful royal crown in the bottom right corner. If you consider yourself to be the queen (or king!) of home preserving, what better way to label your creations?

 We don’t just offer labels for jam – our range also includes labels suitable for honey, curds, oils, and all manner of pickles.

 Could you design jam jar labels?

 Our jam jar labels are so popular that we would like to extend our range and have decided to hunt out some inspiring artists and designers to help us to come up with our own unique Wares of Knutsford range of labels. We are really excited about this project and can’t wait to see what designs our artists come up with. If you think you could design some amazing labels for us, please get in touch to discuss this further. You never know, you may well find yourself labelling your own homemade jams with labels featuring your very own artwork – that really would be something to be proud of!


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Jam Jar Labels – a wonderland!


Whilst the star of the show in any home preserves endeavour is, of course, the preserve, it is also fair to say that how you choose to present your preserves makes a huge difference to how professional they look and how well they will be received if you plan to give them as gifts to friends and family. After all, if you have taken time and care to create something delicious and appealing, why not take just a little longer to finish the whole thing off perfectly with a beautiful jam jar label and perhaps a pretty gift tag?  (Photo is Fruit Salad Jam Jar Label by Words of Art)

 Jam jar labels by Words of Art

 We supply a wide range of colourful labels by the mother and daughter artists behind Words of Art, a company specialising in pretty paper goods. Many of the Words of Art labels feature a colourful backdrop and a specific fruit or vegetable, with a central white panel on which to write. Examples of these labels include cherries, citrus fruit, apples, blackberries and raspberries. The range also features labels that do not include fruit or vegetables; for example, the union jack design is particularly popular, as are the polka dot labels in blue and coral.

 Jam jar labels with a difference

 If you are looking for something a little different and just a tad quirky, we have some more unusual labels in our range that just might appeal to you. Our chalkboard labels are exactly that – small stick-on labels in various shapes, each with a matt black chalkboard surface. The labels pack comes with two chalkboard pens so that you can write your own handwritten words on the label for an authentic homemade touch.

 Another quirky take on the humble jam jar label is the stencil kit. Rather than using a stick-on paper label, the kit comes with four sheets of stencil letters and symbols for you to use to create your own stencil label on jars and bottles. Simply peel off the required stencil letters and stick them on your jar, paint over the stencils, and allow to dry. Once the paint is dry, simply remove the stencils, wash them, and store them for reuse on your next project. These cute stencils give a simple, contemporary look to any jam, chutney or preserve.

 In addition to labelling your home preserves, you may want to add a pretty gift tag if you are presenting them as gifts. Alongside our jam jar label range, we also carry a large number of gift tags to suit all styles and tastes. Why not check out the range today?


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Getting creative with jam jar packaging

Getting creative with jam jar packaging hamper packing box

Whether you are making jam to give as gifts to friends and family or you are a small-scale food producer selling at farmers’ markets and food fairs, presentation is everything. Your jams, chutneys and preserves might taste divine; however, if you don’t think about your jam jar packaging, your jars will look unappealing and dull. Here we look at ways to package your home preserves to make them look just as professional as any shop-bought offering.

Jam jar packaging for Christmas gifts

If you are planning on giving your jams or chutneys as gifts this Christmas, think about presenting them in a three-jar presentation bag or box. These boxes really lift the gift to a new level, making it look very special indeed. If you are a jam producer, offering gift packs like this could increase sales, as customers will buy your produce to give as gifts themselves. For added festive cheer, we have a range of decorative Christmas ribbons to add a splash of colour and fun. Designs include colourful holly, a red deer and trees, and a stag and Christmas tree graphic.

Making hampers

If you make more than just jams and chutneys, another gift idea is to build up a small hamper of your homemade goods. Who could fail to be delighted by the gift of a hamper containing pickles, marmalade, raspberry vinegar, sloe gin, fudge and biscuits, for example? We have hamper trays and boxes in a variety of sizes, along with paper shred in which to nestle your homemade goodies. Again, if you sell at markets and Christmas fairs, gift trays could be a great way to boost takings during this busy season.

Gift tags – the finishing touch

In addition to presenting your produce in a lovely gift bag or box, there are lots of other small details that can make your jars stand out; for example, a carefully-chosen gift tag makes a world of difference to a gift. We have tags to suit all occasions, including a variety of charming, vintage-inspired Christmas tags and more contemporary designs including florals, animals and decorative luggage-style tags.
As you can see, it is easy to take a few simple jars of jam and turn them into a unique and thoughtful gift with a little time and creative inspiration. These gifts will delight the recipient and look just as sophisticated as the gift packs that line the shelves of department stores and gift shops. The difference is that your gift sets will be 100% homemade, 100% unique, 100% made with love, and given from the heart.

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Make your own wedding favours

Wedding FavoursMake your own wedding favours

If you are planning to get married sometime soon, the chances are that you are already busy sorting out all the details that make the big day special. Weddings can be extraordinarily expensive and many brides are looking for a highly-personalised theme for their wedding. With sites such as Pinterest offering endless inspiration for themes and details alike, savvy brides are creating unique themes and saving money at the same time by styling their own weddings and creating all the personal touches and details themselves.

Wedding favours

One easy way to put your own stamp on the design details at your wedding is to make your own wedding favours. These are small gifts given by the bride and groom as a gesture of gratitude to those attending the wedding. Traditionally, five sugared almonds were given to symbolise longevity, fertility, health, wealth and happiness; in recent times, sugared almonds have perhaps been seen as a little dated, with couples looking for ever more creative ideas for their own favours.

Ideas for wedding favours

We stock a huge range of miniature jars, boxes and bottles that are absolutely perfect for making favours. Fill our 45ml hexagonal jam jars with sweets or nuts, or pop a personalised gift into one of our decorative favour boxes. If you are feeling adventurous, why not make your own infused oils and vinegars and present these to guests in our 40ml glass Esmeralda bottles?

We have seen a whole host of amazingly creative ideas for favours from the brides who come to us for supplies. One bride and groom baked colourful miniature macarons and presented them beautifully in our dinky glass sweet jars, whilst another couple used our simple linen pouches to hold wildflower seeds for an environmentally-conscious and memorable favour.

Chocolates, pralines and fudge are all firm favourites and look gorgeously tempting in our glass sweet jars or miniature Kilner jam jars. Fudge especially is easy to make and can be personalised by using a cookie cutter to create adorable heart shapes, for example. Homemade fortune cookies are also popular and these work well with our favour boxes, which are available in a range of different colours and designs.

Another great idea that we saw recently used homemade elderflower champagne bottled in our heart design miniature swing top bottles. If you fancy a stronger tipple, why not make homemade sloe gin or blackberry vodka and present it in our miniature spirit bottles?

Whatever creative idea you settle on, you are sure to find the perfect jar, box or bottle for your own unique favours here at Wares of Knutsford.

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Where to Buy Sweet Jars

sweet jars

As Christmas approaches it’s easy to run out of inspiration for Xmas gift shopping. Wares of Knutsford can come to your rescue with plenty of great gift ideas!

Buy sweet jars and fill them with old favourites

One of the simplest but most appreciated gifts this season, a jar full of sweets will be welcomed by anyone – adults or children, friends and family, co-workers, your child’s teacher, your postman, in fact by everyone except maybe people on a diet!

It helps to know if the recipient has a favourite sweet, in which case you go for a whole jar of sherbet lemons or rhubarb and custards or cola cubes whatever is appropriate. However you can also make up mixtures of your own!

Buy sweet jars of all sorts of sizes at Wares of Knutsford, including traditional large glass jars and more modern angled jars. Once the sweets have all been eaten, the jars can be re-used in all sorts of ways!

Sweet jars but not sweets!

If you are buying for people who are a bit health conscious, who are trying to cut down on sugar or who simply don’t like sweets (do such people really exist?!), you can still buy sweet shop style jars to make amazing personal gifts. There are few women out there who won’t appreciate a little pamper package – simply fill a sweet jar with miniature bottles of bath bubbles, body lotion and foot scrub, then add a sachet of face mask, a pair of exfoliating gloves, a nail file and a nail polish. Try and buy pampering treats in co-ordinating colours and complementary scents for a professional looking package, and make sure you add a label and a ribbon. This works as well for men as for women – just change the contents around a little bit to include a smart razor, exotic shaving oil and miniature aftershave samples, a grooming kit and men’s facial scrub and moisturiser.

You can also make jars designed for children – it’s only fair to add a few sweeties, but bulk out the package with plenty of colouring crayons, lego pieces, marbles, small toy figures, socks, a party horn and a bubble blower!

You can construct a sweet jar for crafters to include items such as ink pads, glitter tape, chalk markers, letter stamps, beads, a tape runner, needles, threads, and a roll of twine. A similar idea themed around sewing could include needles and threads, a cute thimble, a pin cushion, scissors and a tape measure, for example.

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Farm Shop Packaging Suppliers

farm shop packaging

Wares of Knutsford is proud to supply small business as well as individuals, and our new packaging department is an ideal place to source smart packaging for farm shops and other produce sellers. The range is elegant and simple, allowing farm shops to present their wares at their best without distracting from the product itself.

Farm shop packaging for jars

The new Wares of Knutsford packaging range includes a number of options specifically for jars. These could contain not only jams, chutneys, pickles and other preserves but also cosmetics. There is a choice of gift boxes in natural or green and in various sizes, in two or three jar options. The boxes come flat for easy delivery and storage and are simple to put together as and when you need them. The boxes can be labelled as required or left blank, as there is a window for each jar so that customers can see what the boxes contain. Jar gift boxes make excellent farm shop packaging with their neat appearance and easiness to use.

Alternatively, there is a selection of jute bags for jars. These too come in a number of sizes and in two or three jar varieties. The bags included an integrated carrying handle and plastic windows to display the contents of the bag.

With packaging for farm shops, home made jams and other items can become smart gifts.

Trays and boxes for farm shop packaging

The new range of card boxes from Wares of Knutsford will allow farm shops and other small businesses to make up attractive hampers using a selection of attractive products. These can be seasonal or made to order, as the trays are delivered flat for easy storage, to be made up as needed. Like the jam boxes, the hampers come in natural or green, in different sizes and in square or rectangular. There is also a card tray with a wood effect for a but of rustic charm.

The hampers make it easy to package farm shop products attractively – simply add some coloured shredded paper and some ribbon, also available in Wares of Knutsford’s packaging department.

If you run a farm shop and are looking for ways to present your products, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly staff for ideas and to ask for a wholesale price list. They will be pleased to help you create a uniform style for your packaging to fit a sophisticated, rustic or whatever sort of image you are going for.

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Jam Jar Boxes & Packaging Now Available

jar boxes

At Wares of Knutsford we are pleased and proud to take our customers’ requests seriously. Due to popular demand we have now launched a new category called ‘Packaging’. This is designed to help our customers present gifts attractively and our business customers to display their wares to their best advantage.

Jam jar boxes and bags

The new category includes jam jar packaging in jar boxes or bags, hamper trays, shredded paper in a variety of colours and ribbons. The boxes and bags are simply the neatest and easiest way to present jars and come in two or three jar sizes. The jar gift boxes are available in natural or green and feature an integrated handle for easy transport. There are also boxes specially designed for tall, slim jars.

Boxes are sold flat for easy delivery but can be easily assembled at home and are made of a high quality, heavy duty card. They can be bought singly or in packs of six.

Jute bags are also available for two or three jars and feature display windows and a carrying handle. These smart bags are an excellent way to turn jars of mustard, honey, jam or any other produce into a smart gift. The bags can be bought singly or in packs of six and can be re-used.

Hamper trays in natural, burgundy or olive green are square or rectangular shaped, come in deep or shallow varieties and in three sizes. There is also a special hamper made of card but designed to look like a wooden crate. Hamper boxes can be bought singly or in packs of six.

Dressing jar boxes and hampers

If you are presenting jars in boxes or bags so that the product labels can be clearly seen then you may prefer to keep things simple and forego any other decoration. However if you are going for the hampers, you’ll need to think about how to dress the contents. The simplest way to do this is to put a layer of shredded paper into the base of the hamper and arrange the contents neatly on top of the paper. You can then wrap the whole thing in transparent bags or sheets and use ribbon to close. A small hamper of home made preserves makes a lovely gift or is a great way to present sample sizes. The hamper boxes can accommodate jars, bottles, soaps and a variety of other gifts.

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Marmalade Labels

marmalade labels

The preserve on everyone’s to do lists at this time of year is marmalade, with its unusual, bittersweet taste and rich, golden colour. Marmalade can be made not only with oranges but also lemons, mandarins or other members of the citrus fruit family, and brings a taste of summer to the winter breakfast table.

You might be making just a small batch of marmalade to use up a glut of fruit, or considering a commercial endeavour to make money out of your marmalade making skills. Either way, put a bit of effort into presentation. This involves not only sourcing some attractive bottles but also labels for marmalade that both help to make your produce look attractive but also comply with legal regulations.

Regulations for commercial marmalade labels

Trading standards provide some very specific requirements for marmalade labels if you are planning to sell your product. First you must ensure that the name of the main type of fruit used is mentioned – for example ‘orange marmalade’ – the same applies if mixed fruit is used, so ‘orange and lemon marmalade’. Ingredients must be listed in descending weight order, including the proportion of fruit per 100g of product and the amount of sugar per 100g in the finished product. You can buy a refractometer to measure the sugar content for you.

These rules are specific to jams and marmalades and are in addition to the general labelling rules, which include that you must state the name of the product, specific allergenic ingredients used, a use by date, storage and usage conditions, your name and address and the net quantity.

If you are planning to sell your produce, contact your local trading standards office to make sure your labelling complies with regulations or you could face legal difficulties.

Attractive marmalade labels

Once you have the legal business in hand, you can get back to the main purpose of your labels, which is to make your product unique and eye catching. Fortunately Wares of Knutsford has a great selection of labels for marmalade jars, including some decorated with watercolour paintings by mother and daughter artist team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff.

The choice of colours includes cornflower blue, ocean blue, periwinkle, coral, olive green, forest green, sunshine or rose red, with patterns including polka dots, stripes and gingham. The Words of Art range includes labels with colourful fruit borders, which are ideal for jams and marmalades, and some funky modern labels featuring the Union Flag or a royal crown, plus themed labels specially for honey, vegetable products or spices.

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