Carving your pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween pumpkin head jack lantern on wooden background

Carving your Pumpkin for Halloween

It is October and that can mean only one thing – it is time to grab a pumpkin or two, a sharp knife and some imagination to create your Halloween pumpkin. To get your creative juices flowing, we have come up with a few ideas for pumpkin carving with a difference.

Pumpkin carving ideas

Nothing beats the traditional pumpkin scary face, with the flickering candle illuminating the creepy head; however, it can be fun to mix it up a little and try something different to really test your carving skills. The internet is full of templates, how-to videos and guides on pumpkin carving for skill levels from novice to expert. If you don’t want to go for the traditional face, why not carve a moon and stars instead, or perhaps a cat’s silhouette? Some people go all-out artistic and carve a phrase or even an entire graveyard scene in their pumpkins!

Whatever design you choose, make sure you draw the outline on your pumpkin first. Take your time scooping out the flesh, cutting slowly and accurately to get the best results.

Using up the pumpkin flesh

It is easy to get carried away with the fun of pumpkin carving without thinking what to do with all the tasty flesh you will scoop out. Pumpkin soup is one answer and makes a tasty reward after you have finished carving. Alternatively, you could pop the pumpkin flesh in the fridge to use the next day in a pumpkin pie, a vegetarian curry, or even pumpkin and orange cupcakes! Pumpkin flapjacks are a firm favourite here at Wares – they make a great mid-morning coffee break treat!

Kitchen knives to the rescue

It is all well and good coming up with a brilliant carving idea, but creating a pumpkin masterpiece requires a sharp knife. If your own kitchen knives are not up to the job, take a look at our extensive range of professional-grade knives and kitchenwares to find the ideal replacements. The Master Class Precis range of knives will last a lifetime and come with a 25-year guarantee; therefore, you can be sure of their quality and performance. The Precis utility knife would be a good choice for pumpkin carving, with the range including knives for every application.

Take care with kitchen knives

If you are using sharp knives or other kitchenwares, it is important to take care and use them safely, especially when children are helping to carve the pumpkin. Whilst the annual pumpkin carving should be a fun affair, there should be no messing about where knives are concerned.

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