Candles in glass jars

Candles in glass jars

Custom and eco candle holders with jars and paper labels printed for a Christmas dinner

Can there be a more cosy and romantic image than sitting by an open fire on a cold, wintry evening, with music in the background and candles flickering gently on the hearth? As Christmas approaches, it is time to start making our homes warm and inviting to charm our Christmas guests and get the whole family in the festive spirit. In today’s blog post, we talk about how to use jars for candles to create unique and charming displays. Follow our tips and you will be well on the way to filling your home with festive and romantic good cheer in no time at all.

Glass jars make great candle holders

When they want to add a few pretty candles to their home, many people simply head out to a homewares store or department store and buy something off the shelf; however, using simple jars for candles is a much better idea, as you can create your very own display that shows you have put love and care into it.

One great idea for homemade candle displays is to invest in a can of snow spray. This clever spray can be applied to the outside of your jars to give a wintry effect. Add a candle inside the jar and the effect of the flame flickering through the snowy coating will be magical. To get your candle to stay in position in your jar, drip a few drops of hot wax into the bottom of the jar and then press the candle down onto the wax. You will obviously need to use two candles for this – one for the melted wax and one to place in the jar!

Another fabulous idea is to take some sheet music or a page from an old book and cut it to size to go around your jar. Carefully cut out a couple of small shapes in the paper, such as hearts or stars. Paste the paper around the outside of the jar, and again add a candle in the jar. If these candles are for Christmas decorations, you could choose the music for Jingle Bells, or perhaps a Christmas carol, a festive poem, or a page from Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

Our range of glass jars

At Wares we have jars in every conceivable shape and size just waiting for you to get creative ready for the festive period. Why not browse our range today to see what inspires you? Don’t forget to share your creative ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook, as we love seeing your photos.

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