Camping with enamel plates and dishes

Camping with enamel plates and dishes 

Two enamel mugs of hot coffee in the park on yellow autumn leaves.

With June just around the corner and the weather warming up considerably with each passing week, the time has come to think about a weekend or two away. With so many amazing places to visit throughout the country, the ‘staycation’ is still very much a big thing and more people than ever are taking camping or glamping holidays in the UK. If you are thinking of getting the tent down from the loft and setting off for a night or two under the stars, read on to find out about our range of enamelware, which is just perfect for camping trips.

Enamel plates, dishes, mugs and pans

No matter how high tech the tent manufacturers try to be, it is a fact that camping is very much a low-tech affair that is all about going back to basics and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. With many of us having such fond memories of family camping holidays back in the 70s or 80s, the trend for nostalgic, vintage-inspired camping accessories is unsurprising. Our range of enamel dishes, plates, tea and coffee pots and mugs fits beautifully with this trend and is incredibly practical.

We have a fantastic selection of enamel plates that are ideal for camping. They are sold in sets of four and come in a range of shapes and sizes, including flat plates, rice plates and soup plates. The rice plates are a particularly great choice for camping, as the high sides of the plate help to keep the food where it should be if you are balancing the plate on your knees!

Not just enamel plates

In addition to plates, our enamelware range includes dishes in a variety of shapes and sizes and gorgeous teapots and coffee pots with mugs to match. The round enamel dishes are great for serving rice or pasta, while the traditional oblong dishes can be used to hold ribs or sausages fresh from the barbecue – and numerous other things.

For a real touch of camping style, check out the range of gorgeous tea and coffee pots – their vintage styling makes them so appealing. Just looking at them online makes you wish you were in a field somewhere, sitting in an old-fashioned deckchair with a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee, admiring the view or snoozing with a good book. Available in a range of chic colours, these pots and mugs are completely charming.

If you are going camping this summer, send us a photo via Twitter or Facebook of you enjoying your enamel dishes, plates and pots.

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