Cakes in food jars

Cakes in food jars 

Rainbow layer cake in a jar with birthday candles

Home baking is just as much influenced by trends and fashions as any other aspect of life, with many of us constantly on the lookout for something new and interesting to try out in the kitchen. One trend that has taken a lot of people’s fancy recently is baking cakes in glass food jars. Finding inspiring and creative ways to present your cakes can be just as much fun as finding a great new recipe, so in today’s post we suggest a few ideas for what sort of cakes might work well in jars.

Which food jars to choose?

Screw top preserving jars work brilliantly for baking cakes. Jars with a wide neck are most suitable, as this allows you to get the cake out more easily or even to eat it in the jar, if this is the way you like to serve your cakes. For smaller cakes, try the Familia Wiss 350ml terrine jar or the classic 250ml Kilner jar; for larger cakes, the 500ml Kilner jar or the 500ml Mason jar are both ideal.

The secret to baking cakes in food jars

You do not particularly need any special recipe for baking cakes in glass food jars – pretty much any sponge cake or fruit cake works just fine. There is a secret to successful baking in jars, however, and this is to spray the inside of the jar with oil before you pour in your cake batter. This will help to avoid the cake mixture sticking to the side of the jar.

Another top tip is to stand your jars on a baking tray when you put them in the oven; otherwise, there is a danger of them falling over as you put them in or take them out. Finally, do not be tempted to put too much cake mixture in each jar, as the cakes need room to rise. If you fill each jar too full, your cake will ooze over the top of the jar and will look a mess. Fill the jar about one-third full and your cake will rise just to the top of the jar, leaving you room to put the lid on if you are giving the jar as a gift.

As we said earlier, you can bake most types of cake in these jars; however, sponge cakes work particularly well. They look heavenly if you use food colouring to create different coloured mixtures and layer two or three different colours into the jar. Lemon drizzle cake also works well in a jar, topped with its delicious sticky drizzle.

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