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Traditional christmas cake and slice with holly, snow covered winter greenery, egg nog, gold bauble decorations and foil wrapped chocolate balls over oak background.

Nothing like a good slice of Christmas Cake – try it with cheese!!


 Once upon a time, it was unthinkable not to have a traditional cake at Christmas. The enormous slab cake, packed with cherries, almonds and all manner of dried fruit, would be doused in brandy, smothered in apricot jam and coated in marzipan before the final layer of white icing was applied. The whole cake took hours to prepare and, if truth be told, it was hardly the most appealing cake in the world. As tastes have changed over the years, the traditional Christmas cake has become less of a festive feature and has been replaced in many households by tastier, more unusual Christmas cakes. In today’s post, we have rounded up a few of the more creative Christmas cake ideas we could find to tempt you into the kitchen this Christmas.

 Get those baking tins ready!

 Before we delve into the world of unique and inspirational Christmas cakes, we need to say a word or two about baking pans. Your kitchen creations will only ever be as good as the tools you use to make them, so make sure you have baking pans in the right size and shape for the cake you intend to make. We stock deep cake pans, loose bottom pans, sandwich pans, mini cake pans and even specially shaped pans.

 One contemporary alternative to traditional Christmas cake is a light sponge cake containing orange and cranberries and topped with white chocolate icing. This still has a festive feel, but without the heaviness of the standard Christmas cake. A homemade panettone is another possibility – if you make it yourself, it is certain to taste nicer than the panettone cakes available in the supermarket. A chocolate cake is guaranteed to go down well with everyone, especially if it is styled into a snowy log and covered with sumptuous chocolate icing. If you have children to entertain in the run-up to Christmas Day, why not get them into the kitchen to help you make a gingerbread house cake?

 Baking tins of all sizes

 If you are not planning a big Christmas get-together but still want to make a special cake for Christmas, why not use one of our mini tins or shaped tins? Our smallest loose bottom pan is just 10cm in diameter and we have plenty of choice if you want to make individual cakes instead of one large cake. We even have heart-shaped pans if you fancy making a romantic Christmas cake!

 Whilst traditional Christmas cake is too much for many, mini Christmas cakes, without the marzipan, could be fun, especially if drizzled with icing and topped with a cherry!


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