Cake Making Equipment

Cake making

Wares of Knutsford’s range of baking equipment includes all you need for making, decorating, presenting and storing cakes of all kinds.

Cake making basics

Start from the beginning of the cake making process with mixing bowls. The Mason Cash series of mixing bowls comes in the traditional design that you will probably recognise from your grandmother’s kitchen. Made of high quality stoneware, it will be the foundation of your baking equipment and is as stylish as it is practical. Three different sizes are available with the classic cane design.

After beating up your batter, you can choose from a huge selection of high quality cake pans and tins, including muffin pans, springform tins, square pans, sandwich pans plus specialities like heart shaped, fluted, eclair, jumbo cupcake and savarin pans. There is also a choice of silicone loaf pans, paper fairy cake cases and shaped cookie cutters.

Make sure that your cake is cooked to perfection before removing it from the oven with our neat, stainless steel cake tester, and then choose from various sizes of wire cooling tray to allow air to circulate as heat dissipates.

Cake making decoration tools

Once your cakes are cool enough to decorate, Wares of Knutsford stocks a selection of icing and decorating tools, from the basic palette knife and professional icing smoothers and scrapers to fondant stamps and piping icing tools. These will help you come up with spectacular creations whether you are attempting your first children’s birthday cake or producing cakes on a professional level.

If you are making a basic sandwich cake, a wire cutter will produce neat, even slices.

Presenting and storing cakes

A handy cake lifter will help you move your final product from its workstation to the next stage in safety. You can present your cakes on silver covered cake boards in various shapes and sizes and choose from a selection of doilies. These are great if you are transporting cakes but still want to present them prettily.

There is also a stylish selection of cake stands, from traditional ceramic models to a funky, modern wire cake stand. These will show off your cake at its best and allow easy access for cutting, while glass domed examples work double duty by keeping your cake fresh at the same time. When serving, a triangular cake slicer and server will help to keep your servings neat and intact from cake stand to plate.

Finally, Wares of Knutsford stocks a massive range of storage tins with a great variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The airtight environment will help to preserve cake in its best condition.

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