Buying wholesale glass jars

Buying wholesale glass jars

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From super-keen home preserving enthusiasts and competition jam makers to artisan producers and kitchen businesses, people up and down the country are switching on to the benefits and cost savings of buying their jars wholesale. In today’s blog post, we examine these benefits in detail to help you decide whether buying in wholesale quantities is right for you.

Why buy wholesale glass jars?

The most likely group of people to buy larger quantities of jars at one time is the small army of makers who run cottage industries at home, selling their produce at markets, craft fairs and local outlets throughout the country. These small-scale producers create delicious jams, pickles and preserves that outclass even the most expensive shop-bought equivalents in terms of taste, food miles and value for money. The quality of the produce comes from the quality of the ingredients, the careful attention to detail in the recipes, and the love and care that goes into making each jar of jam or chutney. The value for money comes from a sound business head behind the company, which means sourcing all the component parts – jars included – at the very best prices. By buying in bulk, artisan producers can keep costs low and compete with the well-known labels.

Buying wholesale is not just for people who sell their produce commercially. Subject to meeting minimum order values, anyone can take advantage of our wholesale prices. Whether you are a keen cook who likes to make all manner of jams, chutneys and other preserved delights or you are part of a WI group or a local cooking club, you can still take advantage of the savings and convenience of buying in bulk.

Our extensive range of wholesale glass jars

Most of our jars are available in pack sizes ranging from six right up to 300. Pallets can be mixed across different styles of jar, as long as pack sizes are respected. If you wish to buy a full pallet of jars that are all the same size and style, further discounts are available.

We always phone our wholesale customers to discuss delivery to ensure that the order is received at a time that suits.

It is not just our jars that are available to buy in wholesale quantities; in addition, we offer wholesale bottles, again in a range of pack sizes for mixed pallet orders. A pallet comprising a range of different jam jars, chutney jars and bottles suddenly does not seem quite such a large amount!

To discuss wholesale bottles and jars, simply give us a call.

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