Buying Jam Jars in Bulk

cheap jam jars

Bulk buying a large quantity of cheap jam jars is the simple solution to a glut of fruits or vegetables, as there are endless delicious recipes for jams, chutneys and pickles available on the internet. However the simple jam jar is an amazingly versatile item which provides an economical way to handle a number of projects.

Cheap jam jars as wedding favours

The trend for wedding favours is to go personal, but with dresses, receptions and honeymoons eating up the budget, few brides have much money to spare on elaborate and luxury favours. However there are all sorts of charming little gifts that can be created by bulk buying jam jars or bottles. Apart from home made drinks or sweet treats, the jars are a practical and pretty way to present jewellery, scented candles or other trinkets.

Decorate the garden with cheap jam jars

Fairy lights strung around the garden look romantic on summer evenings, but there isn’t always a handy exterior power supply available. A quaint alternative is to load up some jam jars with tea lights – insect repellent scented ones are handy in areas plagued by midges – and hang them from branches or string together with some wire and hang along a fence or wall. This is one case where less isn’t more: the more twinkling lights you have, the greater the impact.

Storing crafty goods and children’s toys

Cheap jam jars are an amazingly practical way to store any number of items. Crafty equipment such as buttons, beads, cotton or thimbles can be neatly stored and quickly identified when kept in a clear glass container. Children have endless collections of marbles, plastic beads, Lego pieces and other paraphernalia than can act as a serious hazard if allowed to litter the floor. Encourage kids to organise their goods by supplying them with a selection of cheap jam jars and a set of glass pens in various colours to decorate the jars as they see fit. Avoid arguments by colour coding each child’s provision with different lids.

Original display cases

A row of cheap jam jars can provide a thoroughly unusual way to display photos or other precious goods. Slide the photo inside the jar to make a curved display case. This is another example of repetition creating value – a row of 10 holds far more impact than two or three. More traditional collectibles such as shells, insects or various miniatures take on a modern edge when displayed this way, while a lid will protect these precious items from degradation and a discreet label underneath helps to store relevant information.

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