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The humble spoon is one of those pieces of kitchen equipment that’s so efficient, so hard working and so reliable that you don’t tend to give it any thought. However discovering the amazing array of different types of spoons and their varied properties could change your view a little.

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One of the most commonly used types of spoons, seen in every kitchen, is the wooden spoon. It’s cheap, useful for all manner of kitchen tasks and suitable for non-stick surfaces. Nylon and silicone spoons are often used interchangeably while cooking and are equally versatile. They are heat resistant and their larger size often makes them useful for serving. Sets that include a basic spoon, a slotted spoon and a ladle shape are good catch alls for daily kitchen situations. These can also be found in stainless steel, which look very smart but you need to be careful with non-stick surfaces.

If your in the mood to buy spoons then another cooking spoon essential is a set of measuring spoons. A set with at least a quarter of a teaspoon, half a teaspoon, one teaspoon and a tablespoon covers most bases, while these are easy to store and lay hands upon if held together by a clip or ring.

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The basics out of the way, it’s time to go a bit ‘Downton Abbey.’ Serving spoons designed specifically for certain purposes may seem gadgets that just take up room in a drawer, but each is carefully crafted to suit its purpose and can turn everyday meals such as breakfast into rather more elegant affairs.

Usually found in stainless steel, consider for example a honey spoon. These slightly odd looking creatures are actually very clever, with the curves in the handle designed to allow the spoon to rest neatly on the edge of the honey jar or pot, allowing excess honey to drip back inside rather than making a mess on the table. Jam spoons work in a similar way.

Mustard spoons are small, neat spoons for access to tiny jars that also look smart on a table while mayonnaise spoons have a long handle and a flattened edge on one side to be able to scrape around the inside of the jar or pot. Also great for breakfast time, grapefruit spoons are designed to have a serrated edge to make it easy to scrape grapefruit segments out of the peel, and are also helpful for other fruits such as melon.

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