Buy Mason jars in bulk

Mason Jars in BulkBuy Mason jars in bulk

Once bitten by the home preserving bug, it is easy to get hooked. Each month something new is in season, with more recipes to try and culinary adventures to embark upon. Many new preserving fans are taken rather by surprise when they find just how many jars they need to hold all the delicious creations they want to make, which is where a bulk Mason jars purchase comes in – with plenty of jars in store, you will always be ready when the preserving mood strikes.

Mason jars bulk purchase

By buying our Mason jars in bulk, you will always have enough clean, empty jars to hand when you want to do some home preserves. If you are planning on canning fruits such as apples, plums, lemons, peaches or pears, you will definitely need a large supply of jars, as you don’t get many of each fruit into a jar, even when using the large one-litre jars. Those one-litre jars are also great for pickled eggs. If you keep your own hens and have a glut of eggs, why not have a go at pickling them?

Mason jars bulk savings

We offer our Mason jars and Kilner jars in packs of 6, 12 or 18, with the per jar cost reducing with the larger pack sizes. If you really don’t need 18 jars but have some friends who also love home preserves, why not club together to buy a bulk pack to save money on both the cost of the jars and the delivery charges?

Our bulk Mason jars are also ideal for anyone who is making preserves as an artisan producer or on a commercial scale for sale at farmers’ markets and local delis. From pickled onions in the larger jars to lemon curd or pigeon pâté in the small Familia Wiss terrine jars, the public love buying preserves in these traditional-style jars. If you are selling your preserves to the general public, it is vital to keep a tight rein on costs. Our Mason jars bulk offers are a great way to present a professional-looking product in a cost-effective way.

Whether you are preparing hundreds of jars a week for sale locally or you simply want to stock your pantry full of delicious home-canned goodies for the long winter months ahead, buying your jars in bulk and having plenty to hand is a sensible approach. Stock up, browse some new recipes and get canning!

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