Buy Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

Mason Cash mixing bowls

If you haven’t finished your Christmas baking yet, you’re cutting it a bit fine! Christmas cakes should have been iced already and you should only need to knock up a bit of pastry to fill with the mincemeat you made some time ago. This traditional kind of cooking tends to work best with some traditional kitchen equipment such as Mason Cash bowls and pudding basins.

Baking with Mason Cash mixing bowls

Mason Cash mixing bowls will be familiar to anyone who ever hung out in their grandmother’s kitchen. Mason Cash bowls are tried and tested over generations and work as efficiently now as they always have. The original Mason Cash mixing bowl in the cane design has been around since 1901 in a chip resistant earthenware finish. The heavy weight of the bowl helps to counter movement while mixing and the familiar embossed pattern on the outside allows for better grip. The bowl comes in a number of sizes but with the same curved shape and a wide, shallow format which allows the bowl to be easily held in one arm, leaving the other arm free for beating and mixing, and which is ideal for dough kneading. The white glazed interior allows the cook to clearly see and judge the colour and the consistency of the dough inside for a perfect result every time. The cane design is available in 12cm, 15cm, 21cm, 24cm, 26cm, 29cm, 32cm, 33cm, and 35cm sizes, suitable for all kinds of cakes and puddings.

Mason Cash mixing bowls as gifts

At Wares of Knutsford we like to think we have your Christmas gift needs covered, but if you’ve left it all to the last minute, or have to quickly find something for someone you accidentally left off your list, take a look at our kitchenware for a range of excellent gifts. The Mason Cash bowls range includes a number of modernised versions of the traditional cane design, such as the fruit embossed ‘Zest’ colours series in zingy strawberry red, lemon yellow and lime green. The ‘Hearts’ series comes in classic cream, pretty green and vibrant red, all heart embossed. We believe the cane design looks at home in any kitchen, traditional or modern, but the bright new ranges allow you to match any décor and come in a useful 29cm size. Matching pudding bowls are also available, plus Mason Cash tagines and bakeware.

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