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Summer fruit season is fast approaching and now is a great time to start preparing your jam making kit. Along with the usual essentials such as a maslin pan, jars and lids, jar tongs, thermometer etc., you could find fruit strainers extremely handy.

Cloth fruit strainers

Wares of Knutsford prides itself upon being able to provide the solution for all your jam making needs. In our strainer and straining kits department there are three great options for straining cloths.

First, a 90cm by 90cm, finely woven butter muslin square in 100% cotton. This material is traditionally used not only in fruit strainers but also in cheese making. The cloth can be cut to size as needed and machine washed for re-use.

There is also a multitasking cheesecloth, which can also be put to use steaming fish, to make spice bags and prepare shellfish along with straining fruit.

Then there is a jelly bag specially designed for removing the pulp and seeds from fruit while extracting as much juice as possible when making jellies. It can also be used to strain home made cheese. The jelly cloth is 28cm in diameter and is machine washable for re-use.

In the same department you will also find a heavy duty cotton straining bag. It comes with useful hanging straps and is conical shaped for controlled straining, which means you can strain directly into bottles if necessary. It can be used for fruit straining and also other preserves, cheese and home brewed wine and beer. The 100% cotton bag is machine washable.

Kits for fruits strainers

Straining kits can make a messy job easier and cleaner, allowing you to concentrate on pouring rather than trying to support a straining bag at the same time. Wares of Knutsford stocks two straining kits.

The jam straining kit features a washable 100% cotton straining bag with four metal eyelets which can be used to fix it to the straining stand included. The stand is made of plastic and features adjustable feet which can be fixed the rims of various bowl rims. The stand can be folded flat for easy storage. Replacement bags are also available.

The other straining kit comes with a bag made of washable canvas which fits onto a flexible stainless steel frame, the legs of which can be fitted to the rim of various different sized pans and bowls.

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