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bottles for crafts

At Wares of Knutsford we pride ourselves upon the quality and range of equipment we offer for the kitchen and cooking, but we’re also delighted to discover that many of you use our products not just for your cooking endeavours, but also as jars and bottles for crafts. We hope you don’t mind if we share your ideas with others – some of these will make great Christmas present ideas!

Wine bottles for crafts

There are endless ways to craft bottles, but in many cases some glass cutting is involved – there are lots of different ways to do this and you will find the way that suits you best with some practise. Just make sure you perform glass cutting safely!

Bottle pendant lamps

You’ll need: bottles, light fittings, glass glue, glass pebbles.

This easy craft requires a clean cut across the bottom of your bottles. Carefully sand down and sharp edges and all over the outside of the bottle to help adhesion – use a mask to make sure you don’t breathe in any glass dust while doing this. Next, thread the cord of a light fitting up through the bottom of the bottle and out through the neck so that the fitting sits neatly below the neck. Use a wooden dowel to fix the cord in place in the neck of the bottle. Now comes the interesting and creative part! Use glass glue to cover your bottles with glass pebbles. You can variate different colours of pebble to create whimsical effects. Once the bottles are covered and the glue is dry, hanf your pendants where you want to shine some ambient light! These look particularly good hanging in groups of three.

Soap bottles for crafts

Washing liquid and hand soap are necessary evils, but it doesn’t make sense to spend ages creating a beautiful and stylish kitchen or bathroom and then leave ugly plastic soap and detergent bottles around. However you can make these very functional items look decorative by the very simple method of decanting them into pretty bottles. The designer bottles selection at Wares of Knutsford has plenty of elegant and pretty options which look great next to a kitchen and bathroom sink while keeping your soaps and cleaning fluids handy. You can keep screw or cork tops on the bottles or replace them with practical pump or pour tops for easy use.

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