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With summer salads but a distant memory and Halloween out of the way, it’s time to really delve into winter cooking – roasts, pies, stews and sticky puddings are all the kind of comfort food that helps to keep the cold at bay. This Christmas make sure you are prepared for your seasonal recipes with the correct equipment. Wares of Knutsford offers a selection of baking trays to cover all your seasonal needs – spiced biscuits, mince pies, stollen, Yule logs, gingerbread houses and traditional fruit cakes are just the beginning!

Baking tins for Christmas cakes

It’s time to start thinking about your fruit cakes for Christmas. The traditional recipe requires deep, round cake tins, which can be loose based or springform if you like as it can be easier to remove the cake. Either way you’ll need to grease and line the tins properly for the best results, even with a non-stick surface.

To make Yule logs you need flat, rectangular baking trays which must be very well prepared so the cake can be removed intact. Make sure you have a few 12 hole cake tins available so you can make your mince pies in bulk – they freeze well after cooking to save you time later.

Lining round baking tins

To start you will need to grease your baking tins. Then cut your baking parchment long enough to go around the tin and overlap a bit too, and high enough to protrude about three inches above the tin. From the top, fold about an inch of the paper back upon itself and using scissors, cut at an angle up to the fold at half inch intervals all the way along the paper.

Put the paper into the tin with the folded and snipped edge at the bottom and inside of the tin to make a border around the edge. Use the base of the tin as a template to cut a circle of baking parchment and place this in the bottom of the tin, covering the existing paper border.

The same method can be used to line tins for Christmas cakes, but you should double up on your baking paper with a layer around the inside of the tin and another around the outside. This will help the cake to remain soft and moist throughout the long, slow baking. Similarly use two circles on the base and on top of the cake, cutting a small hole in the top to allow steam to escape.

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