Bulk preserving in large glass jars

Bulk preserving in large glass jars 

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Whilst the WI may insist on standard 1lb jam jars when running its home preserves competitions, it is a fact that some projects call for much larger jars. We would not suggest making strawberry jam in a half-gallon jar, of course, but there are plenty of preserving projects that do need this type of jar. In today’s post, we plan to cover some of these, with suggestions for the most suitable jar for each project.

Projects for large glass jars

At this time of the year, it is impossible to visit the local greengrocers without noticing the appealing sacks of pickling onions and the containers of pickling vinegar sitting on the shelves, waiting for you to be tempted. There is something very satisfying about rustling up a batch of homemade pickled onions on a blustery autumn day, knowing that they will be ready to eat around Christmas-time. Why not prepare one batch with a slightly sweeter taste and another with a spicy pickling mix for a little more heat in the finished product? If you can get hold of some gherkins, you could also try your hand at pickling these, ready to add to salads or burgers throughout the year. Again, because you want to make plenty of them and because they take up a lot of space in the jar, it is good to use larger glass jars for pickled gherkins. Gallon or half-gallon jars are ideal, but any jar over 500ml in size will be suitable.

Other pickling projects that suit larger jars are pickled eggs and preserved lemons. Pickled eggs have something of a reputation, with most people instantly thinking of slightly rubbery eggs sitting forlornly on the counter of the local fish and chip shop. When done well, however, pickled eggs can be a really tasty treat and are an excellent way to use up a glut of eggs if you keep your own chickens. If your greengrocer has an offer on lemons, grab a bagful and make preserved lemons, using them to flavour Moroccan tagines and salads.

Our range of large glass jars

We carry quite a range of larger jars for those super-sized pickling projects. Our biggest pickling jars come in half-gallon and gallon sizes, and we also stock 660ml pickle jars, 2lb standard jars and 580ml Gourmet jam jars. Whether you want a giant jar or just something a little larger than an everyday jam jar, there is bound to be a jar in our store to suit your requirements.

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