Free Seasonal British Produce Calendar

British produce calendar

Wares of Knutsford is proud to champion British produce and promote seasonal eating as the healthiest, cheapest and most sustainable way of living. To that end, we have created a free guide to seasonal produce, available on our website.

Free British produce calendar!

The seasonal British produce calendar is free to download from our website here: Whether you are buying other products at the time or not, simply add the calendar to your basket and complete the checkout process – you won’t be charged. You will receive your calendar via an email with a link to your downloadable calendar. The calendar is colourful and easy to use and can help you to work out not only what’s best to buy at any point in the year, but also to plan your preserving adventures according to the availability of seasonal produce.

Why eat seasonably

Eating seasonably just makes the most sense. When foods are at their most plentiful the commercial logic of supply and demand ensures they are at their cheapest. Freshly picked foods are also the most delicious, nutritious and healthy – for the environment as well as our bodies. Food which has only had to travel locally has had less time and processing to divest it of taste and nutritional value, while buying fresh, local produce also helps local business to survive and thrive. Foods which have had to be imported have simply built up airmiles, which is bad for your conscience and their flavour, while those which have been artificially grown out of season in the UK require vast resources for inferior results.

Seasonal British produce calendar for August

This month, for example, is the best time of year to enjoy berries of all sorts – blue, black, straw and raspberries are all flourishing in the British summer, along with hybrid berries such as loganberries, tayberries and boysenberries. Early apples are making an appearance and can’t be stored so you should eat them now, along with juicy plums and currants both red and black. Make jam to use up a glut but don’t neglect the opportunity to eat fruit while it is fresh, succulent and juicy. Beans of the French, broad and runner varieties are bursting with flavour and aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes are perfect for making ratatouille right now. Carrots are sweet and crunchy while you can liven up salads with fresh broccoli, fennel, sweetcorn and squash, while wild mushrooms on toast makes a stunning weekend breakfast.

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