Box of Jam Jars

box of jam jars

There’s no great mystery about it: economies of scale mean that buying in bulk is a cheaper way to shop, on a unit by unit basis. The more of any item you buy, the cheaper it gets. At Wares of Knutsford we like to help our customers buy in the most efficient and economical way they can, so we are particularly proud of our bargain pack bulk buy jam jars. Our flat rate postage also applies to our bargain buys to keep your purchase even more economical.

Buying a box of jam jars for home preserving

Our bargain packs are ideal for those who want to bulk buy a box of jam jars because they have a lot of preserving to do or for commercial purposes. Each pack contains 192 jars with lids, with a huge variety of sizes and styles available. You can buy bargain packs of 30ml or 41ml miniature jam jars, ideal for giving away samples, up to 378ml standard size jam jars, in standard jam jar shape or more decorative Bonne Maman style, hexagonal and square shapes and with a choice of lid colours.

Keen preservers will also be happy to find chutney jars and verrine jars, which are ideal for pates and pastes, miniature whisky bottles and spice jars in our bargain pack department. You can also find special honey jars at bulk buy prices.

As well as screw tops, there are clip top jars included among our bulk buy bargains, plus cosmetics jars in clear and amber glass.

Sharing a box of jam jars with friends

192 jars means an awful lot of preserving so it should last you a good while, or you could club together with friends to make great savings on buying separately. All of our jars are good value but out bulk buy packs are easily the most economical way of making sure you can fulfil your full preserving potential.

Our bargain packs are also great for small businesses. Wholesale prices are available for trade customers and those who want to buy in pallet quantities, so please contact our friendly and helpful staff for conditions.

Once you have chosen your jars, don’t forget to pop along to our labels department so you can make sure everyone knows what the contents are, and business customers may want to consider visiting our new packaging category, with boxes and bags specially designed for presenting jars.

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