Bottles for sloe gin

Bottles for Sloe Gin

Making sloe gin is often the first foray into home preserving. Out for an autumn walk in the countryside, people are tempted by ripe sloes hanging on a tree along a footpath, pick them and hurry home excitedly ready to make gin. For beginners, the beauty of making sloe gin is that you need almost no equipment apart from the bottles in which it will be stored. It also takes almost no time to prepare, although you do need to turn the bottles every few days to ensure that the sloe gin infuses properly. Before you head off to the countryside, make sure you have the right bottles for sloe gin to ensure a good infusion and a great-looking product at the end of the process.

Sloe gin bottles in a variety of sizesRayware sloe gin image

As your sloe gin will be stored on its side in a dark cupboard for a good two months, it is important to use a bottle that has a good, strong seal. Our bottles with swing top stoppers are ideal for sloe gin. Sloe gin flasks are a traditional choice and we offer them in a 500ml size; in addition, we offer a smaller Kilner version that holds 275ml. Most sloe gin recipes are based on making one litre of gin, so make sure you buy enough bottles to store all the gin you will produce!

In addition to the sloe gin flasks, many of our swing top bottles are suitable for sloe gin and other alcoholic infusions. If you are making it for yourself, or you are making a large quantity, you might prefer to use our 500ml or even one-litre bottles rather than the smaller-sized bottles.

Sloe gin bottles as gifts

As it will be ready in time for Christmas and makes such a deliciously warming winter drink, sloe gin is an ideal choice to give as a Christmas gift to friends and family. This is where the smaller sloe gin flasks come into their own – they are just the right size to give as a gift and a one-litre recipe will make a couple of bottles.

Topped off with a nice label, and perhaps a tie-on gift tag from our range, these vintage-inspired flasks and bottles will present your sloe gin as delightful homemade gifts that will be warmly received and appreciated.

With September in full swing, now is the time to head out on a hedgerow hunt, searching for those elusive sloes to turn into delicious gin. What are you waiting for?

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