Make Your Own Glass Bottle Invitations

bottle invites

Making impact is all about exploiting novelty values. In the world of wedding fashion, for some years invitations were focused upon pretty graphics, but there is a cute new way to grab attention for your event in the form of glass bottle invitations.

How bottle invites work

It’s a really simple scheme – you send your wedding invitation as a message in a bottle. Print your invitation as you usually would, then roll it up and seal it in a bottle. However you can get really creative by creating a scene, or a ‘bottlescape’, if you like, around your invitation. Of course you can use glass bottle invitations for all sorts of events apart from weddings – they are easily designed to match the theme of parties for birthdays, anniversaries or even corporate events. Glass bottle invitations are also an easy way to create something unique, eye catching and very personal on a budget.

Themes for bottle invites

This is where you can really go to town. An easy source of inspiration for your bottle invites is the wedding itself – are you going for a certain colour theme, for a retro dress theme, is it Star Wars inspired or being held in a spectacular venue? This is a great starting point and the bottle is an easy way to introduce your theme.

As an example, if you are planning a beach themed wedding you can decorate your bottle to match, with a little sand at the base, a starfish ornament and a few shells. A Christmas wedding invitation bottle can be decorated with a sprig of evergreen, a little tinsel and some tiny baubles. Create a floral fiesta theme by putting some colourful artificial flowers in the bottle and tying some brught streamers around the neck. It’s all about how far you let your imagination take you.

Choosing your bottles

Wares of Knutsford stocks a number of bottles which would be suitable to house invitations. The 240ml vintage style glass oil bottle with cork is easy to use but recreates that traditional message in a bottle feel. The neck is wide enough to allow you to insert your rolled up invitation and decorations, while the composite cork makes it easy to seal but easy to open again too. The bottles come in packs of six, 18 and 36, with larger pack sizes proving even more economical.

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