The Last BBQ of Summer

BBQ tips

It’s depressing to realise that summer is drawing to a close, already. One feels that there simply haven’t been enough late nights under the stars, days out at the beach or barbecues. So if you have to say goodbye to summer, do in style, by throwing the perfect BBQ.

Hosting BBQ tips

Barbecues are such as relaxed way to dine and socialise. It’s not hard to create an ambience outside, with the aid of soft summer evening air and starlight, and your main task is to provide plenty of good food and drink. You still need to set a table, but it’s better to go for a casual setting, leaving the delicate serveware and silverware for more formal occasions. The perfect BBQ requires a bit more than a pile of charred meat, so make sure there are some fresh salads on offer, with an oil and vinegar set available so guests can dress the salad according to taste. You can buy a set with matching salt and pepper pots or mix and match. There should also be a plentiful supply of condiments. Decanting these into smart jars looks pretty and elegant, while specially designed pickle forks, mayonnaise and mustard spoons keep things neat. Fish bone removers and fish scalers could be helpful for guests, as could a set of stainless steel holders for corn on the cob, depending upon your menu. It’s al about making life easy!

Cooking BBQ tips

Equip the barbecue chef with a decent apron and a set of oven gloves, and if you have any doubts about his or her cooking skills, get a thermometer into the meat – the last thing you want is to give your guests food poisoning to see out their last summer days!

Forget buying anaemic frozen burgers from the shops – it’s so easy to make your own with our mincer and burger maker for the most succulent, juicy gourmet patties. You can get creative and add flavour with all sorts of herbs and spices, with Stilton cheese, olives, or you can start with a base of lamb, turkey or tuna instead of beef. It’s a great way to turn a traditional BBQ food into something a bit more upmarket.

For the last of our BBQ tips, make and cook your home made kebabs with our metal skewers to help get some heat to the inside, but make sure you use those oven gloves to handle them!

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