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Christmas is approaching fast and you can ease last minutes tresses by organising gifts in advance. Going for home made gifts is now trendy as well as practical as economical. You don’t need to worry about duplicating other people’s gifts as yours will be unique, and the attention that goes into producing something home made is always appreciated.

While home made foodie gifts are always popular, this year instead of the usual jams and chutneys, try making your own cosmetics. There are plenty of recipes online and you don’t need lots of expensive equipment – apart from a few affordable ingredients, you then just need some jars and bottles for bath products, lotions or make up.

Making bath products with lavender

You have to be careful when making bath products for other people, because scents you find agreeable may not appeal to others, while some products can irritate sensitive skins. In these cases, lavender is a great all rounder. Its scent is gentle and relaxing, while the essential oil has healing and relaxing properties. A lavender bath soak at the end of the day is one of the best ways to wind down and encourage a good night’s sleep.

To make lavender bath salts, start with a large, clean bowl. Add a cup of sea salt and three teaspoons of wheatgerm oil and stir together well, allowing the salt to absorb the oil. Then stir in eight drops of lavender essential oil and mix well to combine. Finally stir in three tablespoons of Epsom salts to make a really relaxing experience! Adding some dried lavender flowers to the mix looks really pretty but can make it hard to clean the bath afterwards, so use your discretion on this point.

You can go on to use lavender in a whole range of matching products if you like, including a body scrub and body lotion.

Presenting bath products with lavender

What makes your home made products really stand out is presentation. Wares of Knutsford stocks a wide range of pretty bottles for bath products and we recommend, for example, a traditional Bronte jar style for bath salts, with a clip top jar for body scrub and a Nocturne jar for body lotion. These would look great presented as a set or individually, with a pretty printed label tied around the neck with a ribbon. A label is an essential part of the presentation to make sure that the recipient knows exactly what the product is and how to use it! Add a pretty picture of a lavender flower for a professional look.

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