Baking Tools – The Lattice Pastry Cutter

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Baking Tools – lattice pastry cutter

 Anyone who enjoys home baking, and cooking in general, will have a treasured collection of kitchen tools and gadgets they could not do without. From palette knives to cookie cutters and citrus reamers to spatulas, we all have our favourite items that we consider old friends. One kitchen gadget that is often overlooked, however, is the nifty lattice pastry cutter – a gadget so clever that it can make you look fabulously talented in the pastry department!

 Is there a lattice pastry cutter in your baking tools collection?

 We have all seen images of beautiful lattice-topped creations in cookery books and on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. If you have admired these gorgeous bakes but assumed they are beyond your culinary capabilities, it is time to get yourself a pastry cutter.

 Lattice pastry cutters take the hard work out of creating beautiful, consistent lattice tops for your pies and pastries. All you do is roll out your pastry with a rolling pin, press the cutter into the pastry, and roll it along firmly. Lift up the pastry and lay it gently on top of your pie, helping the lattice holes to open up a little. Trim off the edges, and hey presto – you have a professional-looking lattice pie.

 Lattice tops work brilliantly on fruit pies, whether you love apple pie, cherry pie or something altogether more exotic, such as blueberries and cream. For savoury pies, try pheasant and hare lattice pie, or go vegetarian with a butternut squash and ricotta cheese lattice pie; in fact, you can convert any traditional pie into a fancy lattice pie if you want to impress your dinner guests or try something different.

 More essential baking tools

 Pastry cutters are not the only hidden gems in the kitchen gadget drawer. A browse through the tools and gadgets section in our online store will have you wondering how you ever managed without certain clever little items. A traditional rotary whisk is one example – how many times have you had to get out the big electric whisk just to do a quick task? With an old-fashioned rotary whisk, you can complete the job quickly and efficiently and with much less washing up to do. You also get far better control of the whisking process, meaning that you don’t end up overworking your mixture.

 It is easy to think that certain baking techniques are too complicated or time-consuming to try; however, we hope that our pastry cutters example has demonstrated that clever tools make light work of many tasks.


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