Baking for a delicious Christmas

Baking for a delicious Christmas

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Christmas is just a few short weeks away and soon the house will be full of friends and family, dropping in to exchange gifts and Christmas good wishes or perhaps even staying for a few days over the festive period. With all these extra visitors, it is wise to get organised with a few baking sessions so that you always have a tasty treat to offer around whenever someone calls to wish you a Merry Christmas. Here we look at a few ideas for festive baking success, with some old favourites and some ideas you may not have thought of.

Savoury baking ideas for Christmas

Sausage rolls are, of course, a firm favourite at Christmas-time and are so easy to make. Don’t feel you must make the puff pastry yourself, as shop-bought pastry is very good. For a luxury twist on the humble sausage roll, try pheasant sausage rolls, replacing two-thirds of the sausage meat with minced pheasant breast and adding a small amount of grated carrot and onion, some fresh thyme and a tiny pinch of chilli flakes.

When it comes to savoury treats, we don’t often think of muffins; however, mini muffins do make exceptional party nibbles. Try goat’s cheese and rosemary muffins, or cheddar cheese and bacon muffins. Our 12-hole mini muffin baking tins are the perfect size for canapé-style muffins.

Sweet baking ideas for Christmas

When it comes to sweet treats for Christmas, the mince pie has to top the list. If you really want to go all-out homemade, make your own mincemeat now and it will be ready to use in time for Christmas. Again, we have a range of non-stick baking pans, which are ideal for mince pies, in either traditional or deep-fill sizes.

Muffins also make brilliant sweet treats at Christmas. Try cranberry and orange muffins with a dash of cinnamon or allspice, sprinkled on top with demerara sugar. Make perfect chocolate and cranberry brownies in our 12-hole brownie pan, or go for a traditional Christmas fruit loaf with cherries, mincemeat, almonds, cranberries and just a small splash of rum for festive cheer. We have a wide range of loaf tins for this type of cake, including the latest silicone-based flexible baking tins.

As with everything in life, planning and preparation make everything go smoothly. By getting organised now, and perhaps trying out a few recipes in advance, you can be confident that you will be able to create some spectacular baking creations when Christmas comes around.

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