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At Wares of Knutsford the mainstay of our business is preserving equipment, bottles and jars; however, in recent years we have expanded our product range to include some wonderful kitchenwares and other cooking accessories. The success of TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off has seen a new interest in home baking and we would like to introduce you to our accessories for baking department.

Cake baking accessories

Whether your speciality is a classic Victoria sponge, a hearty apple pie or delicate macaroons, we have the accessories for baking needed by both amateur and professional bakers. The range starts with scales, weights and measuring tools in metric and imperial denominations; in addition, we have sieves, sifters and a great selection of flour dredgers.

The next accessories are a delicious collection of Mason Cash mixing bowls, the sturdy, traditional design of which has been a familiar feature of British kitchens for more than 200 years. You can then choose from a comprehensive selection of baking tins and sheets in non-stick and silicone finishes, including mini tart tins, quiche tins, loose based tins, sandwich pans, spring form tins, fluted tins, loaf tins, and specially-shaped heart, savarin and jumbo cupcake tins.

Pudding basins come in enamel, earthenware and plastic in a huge variety of sizes and styles from well-respected manufacturers such as Mason Cash and Falcon.

If pies are more your thing, there are plenty of pastry tools including shaped and lattice pastry cutters, pie funnels, pastry blenders and tampers, and a useful non-stick pastry mat. Pie dishes are available in a variety of sizes in round, oval and square shapes and in earthenware and enamel.

A cake tester will help you to cook perfectly, while a proper cooling rack helps to prevent soggy bottoms!

Baking accessories for decorating

Once you have baked your cake, we can help you to decorate and present it beautifully with professional-quality icing, piping and fondant tools, ranging from basic palette knives, piping bags, fondant smoothers and simple shape cutters to embossing tools and a set of icing modelling tools to complete more detailed work. Cake lifters, plungers and cutting wires will help to keep the cake neat and tidy during the decorative process and you can present the finished item on one of our deluxe cake boards. You can choose from round and square boards, each in two sizes.

Our Fantastic Baking Range

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