Glass preserving jars for the autumn harvest

Glass preserving jars for the autumn harvest

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If you have an allotment or a vegetable patch in your garden, no doubt you have been busy picking the literal fruits of your labour over the last couple of months, with crops of all sorts of tasty things coming in thick and fast. From autumn-fruiting raspberries to plump marrows and a seemingly endless supply of green beans, it seems like the harvest will never end! For those of you who are lucky enough to have a greenhouse or polytunnel, the growing season continues apace and you may still be picking tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and other delights. With this inevitable glut, it is both a pleasure and a necessity to get busy with the maslin pan and some jars to preserve as much of the bounty as possible.

Preserving jars to the rescue

To get the most from your fruit and vegetable harvest, it is essential to have enough jars for preserving. From small jars for making jellies to much larger jars for pickling onions or gherkins or preserving apricots, peaches or other soft fruits, always ensure you have the right type of jar for the project and that you have enough jars and lids to tackle all the preserving you plan to do.

One autumn treat that is a great project to try is pickled red cabbage. Finely shredded red cabbage pickles brilliantly with cider vinegar, red wine, mustard seeds, sugar, bay leaves, and a little ground black pepper. It tastes delicious with cheeses and cold meats, and works perfectly as a Christmas gift.

Our range of preserving jars

We are proud of our extensive range of bottles and jars for preserving enthusiasts. Most of our jars have a choice of vinegar-proof lids, so you can choose the colour that suits your project. From tiny portion-size jars for jams and marmalades to standard 1lb jam jars and even much larger jars, we guarantee that we can supply the perfect jar for any preserving project. With traditional jam jar lids, screw top lids from Kilner and Ball or clip-top jars for a vintage look, the world is your oyster as to which type to choose.

Don’t forget that we also offer some amazing bulk buy deals if you need a larger quantity of jars to cope with your autumn glut. Most of these bulk packs are available in 200 or 500 jar quantities, which should satisfy even the most committed home preserves fan. If you have plenty of jars but not enough lids, we also have some incredible lid-only offers to tempt you.

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