Alternative uses for Kilner Jars

KilnerAlternative uses for Kilner Jars

If you think that Kilner jars are just for jams, chutneys and home preserving, think again! These iconic glass jars with their uniquely-designed lids are perfect for all sorts of other uses; for example, you can use them for everything in interior design projects, craft activities and even serve food and drinks in them. In today’s blog, we share some of our favourite alternative ideas for Kilner creativity.

Making gifts using Kilner jars

There are so many easy ways to create a lovely homemade gift using Kilner jars. Fill a jar with delicious homemade cookies or shortbreads and top it off with a festive gift tag for a charming Christmas gift; alternatively, add a tealight and some fresh or dried sprigs of herbs, such as lavender or rosemary, for a seasonal gift that could not be easier to make. You could even make your very own snow globes using plastic toy animals, distilled water, glycerine and glitter. Glue the animal in place in the jar, fill the jar with water and a tablespoon of glycerine, and pour in the glitter. Seal the lid tightly and hey presto, you have your snow globe!

Kilner jar storage ideas

Using these jars for storage is a great idea for the kitchen or pantry. Using the larger sized jars for flour, pasta and oats will keep everything tidy and fresh, while smaller jars are perfect for herbs and spices. For a rustic look in the kitchen, why not create some shelves using reclaimed scaffold planks and line up your Kilner jars on them for a really stylish feel.

It is not just the kitchen that can benefit from Kilner jar storage. Small Kilner jars are perfect for organising sewing items such as pins, needles and buttons; meanwhile, paperclips, drawing pins and loose change can all be tidied up stylishly in a small jar in the home office.

Kilner jar crafts

If you enjoy craft projects, there are so many ways you could use a Kilner jar. Try painting jars using Annie Sloan chalk paint to create a rustic container, or decorate a jar using pretty Japanese washi tape. From tea light holders to soap dispensers, pen pots to plant pots and bird feeders to pincushions, the only limit is your imagination!

From small Kilner jars to giant jars, our extensive range covers every shape and size to suit all types of creative application. Why not take a look now and get busy with your own creative Kilner jar ideas?

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