All you need to make your own wedding favours

All you need to make your own wedding favours

Wedding season is in full swing and whether you areFavour 3 planning a low key, private affair or have turned into a frightening bridezilla, your head is doubtless full of plans for your special day. There is so much to think to about and while Wares of Knutsford can’t really help you with your dress, venue or honeymoon, we are absolutely full of great wedding favour ideas.

How Wares of Knutsford can help you make wedding favours

We started off recommending our bottles and jars for people to use to give homemade produce as wedding favours – jams, chutneys, liqueurs, sweets, aromatherapy and cosmetics, for example. Over time, however, we noticed that our customers were becoming interested in wedding favour ideas and looking for packaging for their favours.

We responded to this demand by creating a new wedding favours department on our website, where we have put together everything we think buyers looking for wedding favours will find useful. The trend at the moment is definitely to create your own favours rather than buy favours designed by someone else. Doing it yourself allows you to make your favours really personal and save money at a time when expenses may be mounting at a frightening rate.

Make wedding favours to match your theme

Whether you are working to a strict colour scheme or simply want to keep to a theme – rustic, hippy or even Star Wars! – you can create your own wedding favours to fit in and give your guests a great memento of the event. The key is to keep it personal. If you have a skill with which you can make your ow favours, do it. This could be jam making or other cooking of some kind, brewing your own wine or liqueurs, making lip balm, or making your own jewellery, pottery or miniature wood carvings. Keen gardeners could give home-grown plants, flowers or vegetables as wedding favours.

Whatever skills you have, consider whether youFavour 1 can use them to create unique and interesting wedding favours. Our wedding favours department contains a great selection of jars and bottles, presentation boxes, bags, gift tags and labels for you to use to present your wedding favours.

Most weddings follow a colour scheme of sorts, so try to decorate your wedding favours accordingly. If all else fails, people are always happy with sweets! Just pop them in a pretty box with some ribbon and they will look great.

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